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April 02, 2012 11:16 ET

Security Benefit Launches Innovative Total Value Annuity

Unique Index Coupled With Successful Manufacturing and Distribution Creates Marketplace Excitement

TOPEKA, KS--(Marketwire - Apr 2, 2012) - Security Benefit Corporation, a leading provider of retirement savings and income vehicles throughout the nation, today announced the launch of its Total Value Annuity, a fixed index annuity (FIA) offered exclusively through four elite independent marketing organizations (IMOs).

"We're building on the success of our recent efforts to put unique and competitive products into the hands of respected national distribution organizations," said Michael P. Kiley, Security Benefit Corporation Chief Executive Officer. "We are eager to again partner with Advisors Excel, together with three other elite marketing organizations, Creative Marketing, Gradient Financial and Impact Partnership."

Through this very timely offering, Security Benefit is leveraging its state-of-the-art administrative platform as well as the highly effective distribution model that proved so effective with last year's Security Income Annuity (SIA) launch.

"Our Total Value Annuity targets savers with an eye toward asset accumulation and we believe is a sensible part of our retirement savings and income product strategy," said Doug Wolff, President, Security Benefit Life. "Our TVA extends Security Benefit's fixed index annuity product line that includes the SIA and has rapidly become one of the top four selling products in the industry,* positioning Security Benefit as one of the fastest growing fixed index annuity providers in the nation."

The Total Value Annuity comes as close to fully addressing the retirement challenge as any product on the market. Kiley expects his firm's latest offering to help financial advisors and their clients address the three most important issues they face as they plan their financial future:

  • Accumulation with Minimized Risk,
  • Guaranteed Income for Life, and
  • Death Benefit Option for Wealth Transfer to Heirs

The Total Value Annuity was designed to protect retirement savings and provide interest on those savings. Built with three different interest crediting options, Security Benefit's newest product offers a fixed interest rate option or performance based interest results from the S&P 500® Index and/or the 5 Year Annuity Linked TVI Index (ALTVI). Annuity owners can choose to allocate all of their money to one interest crediting option or any combination of the three.

The ALTVI was built with a goal of providing positive returns through diversification, non-correlation and stabilized volatility. Its index provides the Total Value Annuity a unique alternative to the performance of traditional asset classes.

In addition to its flexible interest crediting options, the Total Value Annuity can be structured to provide guaranteed income for life through the optional Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Rider, or to provide for others upon the owner's death through the Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit Rider.

"We believe our TVA can be a sensible part of retirement savings, and addresses many of the challenges and issues faced when approaching or entering retirement," said Wolff.

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The Security Benefit Total Value Annuity (Form 5700 (3-12) and ICC 12 5700 (3-12)), a flexible premium deferred fixed index annuity contract, the Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB) Rider (form 5720 (3-12) and ICC 12 5720 (3-12)) and the Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit (GMDB) Rider (Form 5721 (3-12)), optional riders available for purchase with the Security Benefit Total Value Annuity, are issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company. Product features, limitations and availability may vary by state. Not available in all states. Not a deposit. Not insured by any federal agency. Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of Security Benefit Life Insurance Company. May go down in value.

*According to a ranking from's Indexed Sales & Market Report, 4Q2011, of all the Indexed Annuity products sold, Security Benefit went from unranked on 1/1/2011 to number 4 in Indexed Annuity Sales as of 12/31/11.

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