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July 19, 2012 12:12 ET

Security Devices Receives Final Test Report Including Wound Profiling

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 19, 2012) - Security Devices International Inc. (OTCBB:SDEV) (SDI) announces an update to the June 11, 2012 press release as it relates to third party human effects testing. The Blunt Impact Projectile 40mm (BIP40) has fully passed Critical Research & Training Less-Lethal's (CRT LL) testing protocol, including wound profiling.

The final testing report from CRT Less-Lethal has confirmed safety levels of SDI's patented collapsible round. The criteria measured during the testing session included three phases; (1) Preliminary Lab Evaluation of the BIP40, (2) Ballistics Media Injury Profiling, and (3) Human Injury and Wound Exposure. The development of potential injury was shown through pre and post ultrasounds, intrusion impacts with ballistics gelatin, and skin simulant and live targets at standoff, engagement distances.

Human volunteers were struck in the upper leg with the BIP40 and their wounds were profiled over a 72 hour period. The subjects displayed normal human tissue reactions to being hit with non-lethal ammunition. SDI's rounds proved to have no adverse effects on the subjects, while still delivering appropriate pain compliance.

The overall results show the BIP40 to be an effective and safe round for use by Government agencies involved in non-lethal activities, globally.

Receiving such a successful report solidifies SDI's abilities with key opportunities within the Law Enforcement, Military and Correctional Services Community. For more information on CRT LL as well as video from the SDI testing session, please refer to

Additionally, as a result of SDI's participation at several Defense Technology Tradeshows, the company has confirmed multiple live demonstrations with large Law Enforcement agencies that are interested in the BIP40 non-lethal ammunition. Details from demonstrations will become available once complete.

About Security Devices International Inc.

SDI is a defense technology company specializing in the development of innovative next generation solutions for security situations that do not require the use of lethal force. SDI is currently in the production stage for deploying their patent pending family of products. These products consist of; the Blunt Impact Projectile 40mm (BIP40), and the Wireless Electric Projectile 40mm (WEP40). SDI is also in the final stages of development of two further 40mm Impact rounds, a round capable of marking specific human targets, that can be used to identify leaders or aggressive subjects during disturbances and one that is capable of deploying pepper spray or tear gas upon impact.

The Market sectors for this full product line include; the Military, Law Enforcement and Corrections Agencies. The Company's products were designed for use with standard issue weapons.

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