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November 17, 2016 08:00 ET

"See It Buy It" Applies the Power of AI to Bring Visual Shopping to Smartphones This Holiday Season

New mobile-first apparel marketplace uses deep learning to power advanced search, helping shoppers find fashion items in seconds

DUBLIN, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 17, 2016) - nFlate Inc., a data-science solutions provider for ecommerce companies, has launched See It Buy It, a mobile-first, visual-search fashion shopping app. See It Buy It features deep-learning technology that puts accelerated discovery at the fingertips of shoppers, forever changing the way people find and buy apparel items on mobile devices. Available today for Android and in December for iOS, nFlate is partnering with hundreds of thousands of Shopify merchants to put millions of apparel items in shoppers' hands this holiday season.

Delivers fashion choices when it matters most
Typically, fashion shoppers start their search process with some basic requirements. For example, "I want a long-sleeve, light-color cotton top, with a plunging neckline, for under $40." What triggered the impulse to search for a top with those characteristics? And when? Perhaps it was while browsing in a mall, but it could also have happened while watching TV, at school, passing a billboard, at a wedding, or when browsing a website or magazine. Shoppers might not take action on this interest for days or weeks (if ever). See It Buy It steps in at that precise moment, when shoppers first become interested in a specific item, to offer dozens of similar items that perfectly match their criteria -- and convert this interest into a sale.

Shopping the right way: visually
See It Buy It makes shopping on a smartphone more convenient and efficient. Rather than spending time hopping from one retail or online shop to another to find items that most closely match what the shopper has in mind, using See It Buy It, shoppers can simply take a picture of the item with the Shop by Photo feature, and instantly receive hundreds of matches in the marketplace. Shoppers can also find exact color matches using the Shop by Color feature, and use the Shop by Web Image feature to look for apparel that matches something worn by a celebrity or model. Products can be filtered by price, color, style, material, etc. And, once the desired item is identified, it can be instantly purchased from the See It Buy It marketplace.

"Shoppers want to shop on their mobile devices, but it's still too hard to use a phone to find an item, even if you have a clear picture of it in your mind," said Joe Monastiero, CEO of nFlate. "See It Buy It solves the problem for both shoppers and online retailers. Shoppers use SiBi to find and buy products that match their desires, right where and when they initially become interested. And by connecting shoppers with thousands of Shopify merchants and millions of apparel items, we deliver qualified and highly motivated shoppers to complete the purchase at exactly the right moment in time."

Applies AI to make mobile shopping easier
See It Buy It uses an area of artificial intelligence known as deep learning to analyze and classify millions of products in near real time to deliver matches to a shopper's interests. The technology is similar to what Facebook uses for facial recognition and what Google uses for delivering 'similar images' in a search. Deploying deep learning technology requires tens of thousands of products to analyze, making the solution unavailable to millions of merchants with smaller product catalogs. See It Buy It is the perfect solution for the typical Shopify merchant.

What online fashion merchants are saying about See It Buy It

" is very excited about the potential of the See It Buy It marketplace app. As an online-only fashion outlet, we're always looking for new and innovative ways to be more competitive with large retailers," -- Markus Wilcox of Max Ladura

"We're always on the lookout for new ways to improve our conversions and sales efforts. The new See It Buy It sales channel is revolutionary in its approach to streamlining mobile fashion shopping." -- Donna Mora, CEO of Posh Girl

"The Rage couldn't be more excited to partner with See It Buy It. In today's world, where instant gratification is key, this app is a perfect solution that allows buyers to find exactly what they're searching for on one platform. I like to compare it to Google, only you search with pictures and your results are direct buy links." -- Laci Bonner, owner and founder of The Rage

" does a robust mobile business with customers who have seen items in other marketplaces - often physical retailers or social media. As such, we are excited for the opportunity to get access to potential new customers the moment they first encounter an item that they like." -- Stephen Glasgow of CountryClubPrep

"Elizabetta Boutique seeks to improve our visibility and sales efforts. We love the concept behind See It Buy It and are excited about the potential of this revolutionary approach to mobile shopping." -- Elizabeth Perkins, founder of

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