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November 05, 2014 08:00 ET

Seegene Introduces Allplex™ Assays Based on MuDT™ Next-Generation qPCR Technology

GAITHERSBURG, MD and SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2014) - Seegene Inc. (KOSDAQ: 096530), a leading developer of multiplex PCR technologies, today announced that it is introducing the first three comprehensive Allplex™ assays using its next-generation qPCR technology, called MuDT™. The assay launch menu includes a 26-target Respiratory Full Panel, a 26-target Gastrointestinal Infection Full Panel, and a 27-target Sexually Transmitted Infection Full Panel. Seegene will feature its new Allplex™ infectious disease portfolio at the MEDICA 2014 trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, November 12-15, 2014, booth #E11/Hall 01.

MuDT™, which was first introduced at the 2014 Clinical Lab Expo of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) in July, is a disruptive qPCR technology that allows simultaneous detection and quantification of multiple target analytes in a single fluorescence channel, without melt curve analysis after amplification. With the introduction of these new Allplex™ assays, Seegene now provides the most comprehensive multiplexed PCR molecular infectious disease panels in the industry.

"We have spent tremendous effort on developing innovative PCR chemistry technologies to meet the needs of molecular laboratory professions. Because MuDT enables the detection of multiple target genes in a single channel without melt curve analysis, MuDT™ is a true next-generation qPCR technology that will re-invigorate the real-time PCR based market," said Dr. Chun, Jong-Yoon, Founder, CTO and CEO of Seegene. "The Allplex™ assays can be an crucial clinical tool in accurate and cost-effective disease/symptom-based diagnosis and the efficient management of patient care." 

Exclusive benefits of the Allplex™ assays include:

  • Real-time PCR based method, the gold standard in molecular diagnostic
  • Real-time one-step reverse transcription PCR analysis of viral RNA
  • Disease/symptom-based diagnostic capabilities by simultaneously identifying a broad range of common bacterial, viral, and parasitic causes of infectious diseases from a single patient sample
  • Industry's first multiplex quantification tests by providing individual Ct (cycle threshold) values of multiple targets in a single channel
  • Faster turnaround time by delivering multiple results

The Allplex™ assays include:

  • Allplex™ Respiratory Full Panel(26 targets)

    1. Flu/RSV screening and Flu Typing Panel: Influenza A virus, Influenza B virus, RSV type A and B, Influenza A virus subtypes(H1, H3, and H1pdm09)
    2. Virus Screening Panel A: Adenovirus, Enterovirus, Parainfluenza virus(1, 2, 3, and 4)
    3. Virus Screening Panel B: Metapneumovirus, Rhinovirus, Bocavirus, Coronavirus (229E, NL63, and OC43)
    4. Bacteria Screening Panel: M.pneumonia, C.pneumonia, L.pneumophila, B.pertussis, B. parapertussis, S. pneumonia, H. influenza

  • Allplex™ Gastrointestinal Infection Full Panel(26 targets)

    1. Virus Screening Panel: Norovirus GI, Norovirus GII, Rotavirus A, Astrovirus, Adenovirus 40/41, Sapovirus
    2. Bacteria Screening Panel A: Campylobacter spp.(C. coli and C. jejuni), Salmonella, Vibrio spp.(V. cholera, V. vulnificus, and V. parahaemolyticus), Y.enterocolitica, C. difficile toxin B, C. difficile tcdCΔ117, Aeromonas spp. (A. hydrophila, A. veronii, and A. caviae)
    3. Bacteria Screening Panel B: E. coli O157, stx1/2, ETEC, EAEC, EPEC, EIEC/Shigella spp.(S. dysenteriae, S. sonnei, S. flexneri, and S. boydii), P.shigelloides
    4. Parasite Screening Panel: E. histolytica, Cryptosporidium spp.(C. parvum and C. hominis), G. lamblia, D. fragilis, C. cayetanensis, and B. hominis

  • Allplex™ Sexually Transmitted Infection Full Panel(27 targets)

    1. Essential Screening Panel: C. trachomatis, N.gonorrhoeae, M. genitalium, T. vaginalis, M. hominis, U. urealyticum, U. parvum
    2. Genital Ulcer Screening Panel: HSV 1/2, H. ducreyi, T. pallidum, LGV, CMV
    3. Candidiasis Screening Panel: C. albicans, C. glabrata, C. tropicalis, C. krusei, C. parasilosis, C. dubliniensis, C. lusitaniae
    4. Bacterial Vaginosis Screening Panel: Lactobacillus spp., G. vaginalis, A. vaginae, Megasphaera type 1, BVAB 2, B. fragilis, Mobiluncus spp.

Seegene is committed to the ongoing development of assays to expand the Allplex™ infectious disease portfolio and aims to submit for CE Mark on the first three assays in 2015. Future menu items will be announced at a later date.

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Seegene is the world's leading developer of multiplex molecular technologies and multiplexed clinical molecular diagnostics. Seegene's innovative proprietary technologies, including DPO™, TOCE™, mTOCE™ and MuDT™, can simultaneously detect multiple targets with high sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility. Seegene's products detect multi-pathogens with great reliability and throughput, ultimately providing the most economical basis for saving time, labor and cost. Seegene endlessly strives toward the new possibility of a world free of disease.

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