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June 23, 2011 15:02 ET

SeerStone Marketing Reports Glenn Beck Event Taking Shape: Restoring Courage in Israel More Than a PR Stunt

GILBERT, AZ--(Marketwire - Jun 23, 2011) - The August 24th, 2011 "Restoring Courage in Israel" event pioneered by Glenn Beck may not be a crusade, but you would never know it from talking with his fan base. In the first week of availability, all but a handful of VIP tickets for the event have sold out. Absent of any marketing efforts, Voyager Travel, the ticket master for the event, has championed the cause. Travel facilitators for the Glenn Beck event have been overwhelmed with inquiries and bookings.

Founder and President, Brian Mickelsen, has assembled a coalition team to insure attendees get much more than a trip to Israel, but rather an "unforgettable experience" being part of a force for good by supporting a nation and its heritage. Mickelsen explains, "This is not a trip, a neat event or even a chance to visit Israel, but rather, it is an opportunity to shape the future.

People like Senator Joe Lieberman and Presidential candidate Herman Cain will be among many spear-heading the cause and traveling with citizens that will be shaping history. Thus far 78 countries have stepped up, 4 U.S. Senators, 35 additional D.C. constituents and hundreds of clergy members have committed to attend the event in Israel.

In light of the recent political controversy surrounding recent speeches by both President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, the timing of the Restoring Couragein Israel event is interesting for both Beck critics and supporters. Paul Schween of SeerStone Marketing, a co-facilitator of the event, reports, "One thing is clear. The stage has been set, and we will see much more than a casual statement. We will see a potential clash of cultural titans facing off in the Middle East with an international support network leading the way showing support for the free nation of Israel."

Schween also states, "The details for the travel itinerary are in place, but change as interest in the event escalates. Venues and final destinations for travelers have morphed since Beck's initial introduction." Schween continues, "The political climate may impact the event even more, but it will only strengthen our resolve to make our statement showing the free world's unwavering support for Israel."

Last year's event, Restoring Honor at the Capital was a historical gathering that surprised even Beck's critics. "It was the most unifying and altruistic event I have ever experienced," said Schween. "Restoring Courage in Israel is shaping up to be an international plea by the free world to unite for not only political and religious purposes -- but more. What is certain is that Americans and their allies are being asked to take a stand to send a powerful and peaceful message unlike any heard in decades. Glenn Beck's Restoring Courage in Israel is positioned to be much more than just a public relations tour. Restoring Courage in Israel may result in being one of the most significant events of the decade," Schween exclaims.

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