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December 16, 2008 09:00 ET

SeeSaw Drives Cost-Effective Precision Marketing With Upgrade

Digital Video Advertising Leader Provides Advertisers and Agencies With New Ways to Optimize Marketing Spend

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2008) - SeeSaw Networks, a media company offering the most extensive network of place-based digital video advertising, today announced a significant technology upgrade to the industry's only place-based media planning platform, The Software as a Service (SaaS) planning application now includes enhanced precision marketing tools -- including advanced budget allocation, more exact ad scheduling and the industry's most comprehensive trade-area targeting and visualization -- enabling marketing and media planning professionals to optimize their spend on place-based digital video advertising.

"In today's challenging economic environment, marketing executives need to be even more effective and more precise in allocating their marketing budget to drive business results," said Monte Zweben, chairman and co-founder of SeeSaw. "The combination of the stopping power of place-based digital video advertising with our media planning and optimization technology gives advertisers and their agencies a way to create high-impact programs without wasting a single marketing dollar." provides media agencies and advertisers with an online service for creating place-based digital video campaigns that target mobile consumers across more than 40 different networks delivering over 50 million weekly impressions, in places like coffee shops, dentist offices, health clubs, bars, restaurants, university campuses and gas stations. By accessing this information on, media planners have a consistent set of audience impression metrics when they plan and buy national and regional digital video campaigns. Additionally, SeeSaw's rigorous qualification and data profiling process ensures that SeeSaw affiliate networks meet certain operational criteria, thus providing advertisers and agencies with further confidence that campaigns will be accurately executed and measured.

"MPG is now exploring place-based digital video advertising as an important element of campaigns because it is emerging as an efficient and effective way to reach increasingly mobile target audiences," said Coleen Kuehn, executive vice president and chief strategist at MPG. "Not only does SeeSaw deliver a comprehensive set of networks available all in one place, but the company has also demonstrated extraordinary vision in delivering an industry-leading platform for precise and targeted planning, execution and reporting for these powerful campaigns."

About the Platform Precision Marketing Enhancements

SeeSaw's behavioral marketing approach to place-based digital video advertising enables advertisers to select and place contextually relevant advertising in locations where people go during their daily routines, creating a perception of ubiquity. This web-based service is built on a unique media optimization algorithm, the SeeSaw Optimizer™, which enables marketers and media planners to create media plans that match their audience requirements to digital video advertising locations across millions of combinations of advertising spots on SeeSaw's vast network. Since SeeSaw launched the service in 2007, the company has increased the size of its available network by more than 250%.

To ensure media spend is precisely focused where it will have the most impact and drive business results, the new release of includes significant marketing optimization enhancements in three key areas:

--  Advanced budget allocation capabilities enable users to optimize media
    spend in specific markets. Budgets can be exactly allocated by either a
    specific dollar amount or as an overall percentage of the campaign,
    allowing planners and buyers to extend and complement the advertising spend
    across other media based on the number of impressions they need to drive
    business results.
--  More exact ad scheduling capabilities allow planners to turn ads on
    and off on a weekly basis for specific networks over the course of a
    campaign to achieve the optimal frequency of messages delivered to people
    across a life pattern campaign.
--  Granular trade-area mapping enables media planners to visually target
    -- down to specific addresses -- advertising locations within an exact
    distance around an address. This is particularly beneficial to advertisers
    with brick and mortar investments such as retailers, banks, restaurants and
    auto dealerships. By using interactive mapping technologies to select and
    purchase digital video network screens, marketers and media planners can
    minimize waste and focus media spend where it will have the most impact.

With, media planners and buyers have the intuitive tools they need to make smart decisions on behalf of their clients, whether they are targeting "alpha moms," college students, or affluent baby boomers on a nationwide campaign across all markets or within a one-mile radius of select stores or locations.

About SeeSaw Networks

SeeSaw Networks delivers advertising in places where people go in their daily lives -- places like gas stations, coffee shops, grocery stores and health clubs. SeeSaw reaches more people in more places than any other digital video network. With more than 40 digital signage networks across 30 different types of locations, SeeSaw is the most extensive national digital video network with over 26,000 venues nationally and growing. SeeSaw delivers over 50 million weekly gross impressions -- more than primetime TV spots at a fraction of the cost. SeeSaw operates, a media service that enables agencies to easily plan, buy and measure place-based digital video advertising. On, agencies customize campaigns across different venues, markets and demographics with unprecedented precision. With SeeSaw, advertisers can intercept people in their daily life patterns where they work, play and socialize.

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