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The Road Avenger (Novel)

October 28, 2009 21:07 ET's Opening Excerpt Review of "The Road Avenger" Novel

SAINT CHARLES, MO--(Marketwire - October 28, 2009) - (MMP Publishing) - has released its first public-review of "The Road Avenger" novel. The supporting-article highlights the novel's opening-segments released August 26th, 2009, and touches on the evolution of the presentation's source-material, "Road Blaster," the 1985 Data East laserdisc classic the novel is based on.

"As S.C.U.M. (Secret Criminal Underground Movement) slowly overtakes the city, Blake monitors the group's actions in his single-minded quest for vengeance," the article by Ken Horowitz explains. "The novel will chronicle his adventure and open readers to more details about the characters that were only briefly seen in the game, as well as adding new supporting personalities in order to flesh out the [Road Avenger] universe."

Arriving on the heels of announcements that production of public-demo 2 is to commence shortly, MMP Publishing, Ss, Assoc., and Kuneo Koei are working to secure digital previews and increase availability. The publishers have partnered with concept art developer Ramius Technology and Design for the project, creator of the "Shelby Mug-shot" and "Silver Moon" illustrations.

"When I received the call for [The Road Avenger] Novel, I was looking out my studio window, fifteen floors up in center city Philadelphia," Illustrator M.C. Nascimento explained. "A helicopter was storming by on its course for the hospital landing pad nearby. It definitely wasn't hard for me to get the feel for the gritty urban setting of the story."

Also released with "The Road Avenger" first public-demo materials was the download for the "Road Blaster Singles Collection," a remake EP (digital) of the 1992 Jaywalk "Road Blaster FX" theme-song. The mini-release boasts a set of re-recordings of the original title-theme spanning vocal versions in Japanese, German, Spanish, and English, as well as instrumental extensions.

Confusion has been reported between the Novel OST (Original Soundtrack Recordings) and "Road Blaster" remake collections. "The remake collections are cousins to the novel, but stand on their own," Sekrett Scilensce stated in a media follow-up. "Songs and audio created expressly for the novel are similar to the soundtracks made for films, like the audio presentations we did for the Devil'z Hide series. We'll be more specific in future discussions to avoid misunderstandings."

About the releases:

Authorized by G-mode co. ltd., "The Road Avenger" is a novelization of the 1985 Data East laserdisc classic "Road Blaster." It is written by author Mary Margaret Park and co-produced by composer Sekrett Scilensce. Editing of the novel's demo was performed by Jayne Pupek ("Tomato Girl," novelist).

Authorized by Freeway Corp., the "Road Blaster Singles Collection" is a remake of the 1992 "Road Blaster FX" theme-song originally by the Japanese rock-band J-Walk. It is produced and performed by composer Sekrett Scilensce.

The "Silver Moon" and "Shelby mug-shot" artworks are licensed by Ramius Technology and Design and are illustrated by Manoel Camilo Nascimento.

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