June 25, 2013 09:30 ET

SEI Launches Long Duration Credit Bond Fund

Fund Enables Canadian Pension Plan Sponsors to Improve Liability Driven Investment Strategies and Minimize Pension Expense Volatility

TORONTO--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2013) - SEI (NASDAQ: SEIC) today announced the launch of the SEI Long Duration Credit Bond Fund, which is designed to help Canadian defined benefit plan sponsors minimize pension expense volatility by enabling them to balance pension liabilities with more suitably matched assets. The Fund is unique in that it is designed in a manner consistent with Fiera Capital's CIA Method Accounting Discount Rate Curve (the Fiera Curve).

"A vital step in managing assets in tandem with liabilities requires selecting an appropriate discount rate to value those liabilities," said Andrew Kitchen, Managing Director, Solutions and Strategies, SEI's Institutional Group. "The Fiera Curve helps sponsors and their actuaries select a suitable liability discount rate. While plan sponsors are not currently required to use the Fiera Curve, we believe acceptance is gaining steam and it will ultimately be embraced as an industry standard in valuing liabilities. The SEI Long Duration Credit Bond Fund is designed to generate a yield consistent with the 16-year duration point on the Fiera Curve, allowing plan sponsors to optimize assets with liabilities, and most importantly, to minimize the impact of the pension benefit on corporate financials."

"The challenge of implementing an effective investment solution to manage pension expense volatility is amplified in today's low interest rate, highly volatile market," said Scott Gives, Senior Portfolio Manager, SEI's Investment Management Unit. "A fund that addresses the long-term nature of pension obligations enhances the ability of plan sponsors to customize their liability driven investment solutions."

The SEI Long Duration Credit Bond Fund invests in Canadian spread sectors and investment-grade corporate, provincial, and municipal debt in an effort to generate higher risk-adjusted yield relative to other sectors and risk-free assets. Benchmarked to a customized blend of long-term DEX indices, the Fund follows a top-down approach using economic forecasts based on key global market, political, and regulatory metrics and central bank policy evaluation to determine duration, yield curve, volatility, country, and currency allocations.

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