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February 20, 2009 13:12 ET

SEK: Increased demand for financing from the export industry

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN--(Marketwire - February 20, 2009) -

Despite a market situation characterized by liquidity crisis, SEK has remained able to offer Swedish export companies access to financing. The demand for financial solutions has grown during the year, increasing SEK's importance for the Swedish export industry.

* Operating profit (IFRS) for 2008, after impairments and changes in fair value, amounted to Skr 167.7 million (506.9)

* Core Earnings after impairments, amounted to Skr 834.0 million (533.6)

* Capital injection of Skr 5.4 billion via new share capital and shareholder contribution

* The volume of new customer financing solutions, highest ever, totaled Skr 64.9 billion (56.8)

* High volume of new lending to the corporate sector during the fourth quarter of Skr 19.3 billion, of which Skr 12.4 billion in December

* Increased volume of export credits and lending to the financial sector

* Successful borrowing totaling Skr 86.2 billion (108.0)

Demand for SEK's products has increased significantly as the ability of companies to find financing has decreased due to the liquidity shortage in the world's capital markets. SEK's role as a stable partner to the Swedish export industry has become all the more important. The volume of new customer financing solutions, Skr 64.9 billion, was the highest ever and an increase by Skr 8.1 billion compared with the previous year. It is primarily loans for the Swedish export industry and lending to the financial sector that have experienced strong growth during the year. Lending to the corporate sector during the fourth quarter totaled Skr 19.3 billion, of which Skr 12.4 billion during December.

"Our role is now more important than ever. Difficulties for Swedish companies to obtain long-term financing make it harder, and sometimes impossible, to conduct essential export business. Our strong earnings, our ability to offer financing despite the market climate, and the government's decision to further strengthen our lending capacity are vital, not only for SEK but also for the whole of the Swedish export industry," says Peter Yngwe, SEK's CEO.

In December, the Swedish government significantly strengthened SEK's lending capacity to meet the Swedish export industry's financing needs. SEK was provided a capital contribution of Skr 3 billion in new equity, and the shares of the state-owned company Venantius AB were transferred to SEK. Venantius' equity amounts to approximately Skr 2.4 billion. Also, in the beginning of 2009, SEK was granted a loan facility of Skr 100 billion. Parliament has also given mandate to the government to give SEK the possibility to purchase state guarantees on commercial terms for its new borrowing up to Skr 450 billion.

SEK's new borrowing in 2008 amounted to Skr 86.2 billion. The Japanese and U.S. retail bond markets accounted for the bulk of SEK's new borrowing. During the year SEK was one of very few international institutions that were able to continue to borrow actively.


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