SOURCE: Business Developer David Selakovic

Business Developer David Selakovic

September 02, 2014 16:14 ET

Selacorp and David Selakovic Support Women in the Workplace

While Women Continue to Make Strides in the Workplace, David Selakovic Reminds the Business Community That There Are More Steps to Take

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Sep 2, 2014) - It is hard to believe there was a time when it was impossible for a woman to work in an office as anything but a secretary. Society has obviously evolved and women now can be found in the roles of CEOs, doctors and most other occupations. But there are still challenges to overcome. It has been 51 years since President John F. Kennedy signed the "Equal Pay Act of 1963" but still women are on average making 77% of what men get paid, and some might argue that a stigma remains against women reaching upper levels of the executive office -- the so-called "glass ceiling." With these considerations, David Selakovic and Selacorp want to reiterate their commitment to workplace diversity.

"Women working alongside men as equals is important for all society. Resolving the pay gap and breaking the glass ceiling are perhaps the most obvious parts of equality, but these are just first steps," said Selacorp founder and CEO David Selakovic. "There are other issues that arise for working women like allowing them a minimum of eight weeks maternity leave as well as avoiding discrimination during pregnancy within the office. Until we can both celebrate women for who they are and honor their contributions, they are not yet truly equal."

Gender diversity in the workplace is not just "good for people" but it's good for business too. A recent Gallup study surveyed gender diversity in two different industries -- retail and hospitality -- and concluded that gender-diversity actually increases the bottom line. It was shown that gender-diverse business units in the retail sector have a 14% higher average revenue vs. non-diverse units. And gender-diverse business units in the hospitality industry have a 19% higher average revenue. "Any intelligent manager who sees numbers like that," concludes Selakovic, "should certainly make a systematic effort to hire more women."

Born and raised in Slovenia, David Selakovic manages his business in Singapore and Switzerland. His Singapore-based company Selacorp explores new technological innovations and how to effectively incorporate them into business, with a broad reach into the technology, chemical, medical, energy and marketing industries. He has an extensive background in finance and the application of information technology, which has helped him become a much sought-after international business consultant. Selakovic lives in Singapore with his wife and two children, and makes an active effort to support philanthropic causes whenever possible.

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