SOURCE: Business Developer David Selakovic

Business Developer David Selakovic

November 19, 2014 23:34 ET

Selacorp Founder David Selakovic Fosters Corporate Sustainability

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2014) - Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all areas of life amid the mounting evidence of climate change, causing people all over the world to handle limited resources more carefully. Nevertheless, according to a recent study by Corporate Knights Capital, a Canadian investment advisory firm, up to 97% of companies fail to disclose the most basic information on their sustainable practices. While citizens and even politicians in developed countries have recognized how irresponsible the unrestrained exploitation of finite natural resources is, many corporations are still failing to take more proactive steps. Fighting that trend, a handful of companies proves that transparent, smart and sustainable business approaches are indeed possible, amongst them Selacorp and the organization's Founder, David Selakovic, who is a particularly fierce advocate for corporate sustainability practices. 

"Today, models of unrestrained capitalism are outdated, especially in the information age where ignorance is just not a viable excuse anymore," says David Selakovic. "In past generations, little thought was given to the broader impact of business practices and the interworking systems, but now we have the ability to see the big picture and make effective systematic changes for the better."

Each industry, or business, has its own particular model and varying degrees of environmental impact, but there are some universal steps that can be applied to every situation. One of the first steps Selakovic recommends for every company that is seeking to pursue a sustainable route is direct collaboration with each stakeholder within the process chain. If a logging company is to improve its environmental practices, it should not simply implement new unilateral solutions, but should consult with those concerned about their practices such as the local community and environmental groups before taking action. Hand in hand with this collaborative outlook, businesses can cooperate with other businesses within their industry to exchange ideas on how they are dealing with similar issues. 

"Another key philosophy in guiding a sustainable business model is to focus on the larger, holistic aspect of a business. This means that adopting a quick-fix solution that may seem to work in the short-term or along one aspect of the product chain is not acceptable if it does not result in the larger net improvement a company wants to achieve," explains Selakovic. He encourages businesses to examine each link in the process and understand their interaction with clarity and unbiased metrics. According to Selakovic, taking a closer observational approach to business flow often reveals opportunities that otherwise might remain unnoticed.

David Selakovic has long strived to ensure Selacorp operates at the highest mode of sustainable practices. He has been responsible for creating a consistent record of successful companies and has acted as a consultant for many small to large-sized corporations, whom he helped to build high-performing teams and create bold business initiatives. His expertise covers a broad range of industries, from information technology to medical, energy, chemical, and marketing industries. Originally from Slovenia, David is a frequent world traveler who today lives in Singapore with his wife, Leah Selakovic, and their children.

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