September 03, 2013 13:00 ET

SELLability: LA Company Solves the Rollercoaster of Sales Ups And Downs

SELLability provides sales consulting and training services directed toward improving the individual sales person and growing the overall income of the business.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwired - Sept. 3, 2013) -

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According to the Harvard Business Review, "Sales is the most human and richly nuanced aspect of business and yet, amazingly, is not even a required course at most business schools. MBA students are dutifully taught finance, strategy and operations as if revenue appeared by magic and salespeople were at best a necessary evil."

Embracing the human elements of the salesperson, and delivering personally tailored programs to fit the 'human being' in front of them is what they excel in and, from their client testimonials, the 'human touch' training seems to work.

"Sales forces are surprisingly untrained in the area of people skills. SELLability is the only continuous improvement system for sales people at all levels of ability!" says CEO, Lisa Terrenzi. She further states that "SELLability solves the rollercoaster of sales ups and downs resulting in consistent sales volume and success!"

Disputing the concept of the 20/80 law, which states that the top 20% of any given sales team will make 80% of the sales, SELLability works with a new sales training concept called Core Ability Sales Training to enable more of the remaining 80% to increase their SELLability and produce well in excess of the average.

"The fundamental shortcoming in today's sales training programs is that they don't account for the basic truth - people buy from people. We concentrate on basic concepts that are at the heart of the human aspects of life," says Terrenzi, "and we have found that by doing that, sales teams strengthen, turn around, and sales increase significantly, which we track and measure graphically. We do not hold to the myth of the 80/20 rule. We know for certain that we can train a willing sales person to be a better closer."

Examples of what clients are saying:

  • A Los Angeles-based client who wrote "By the fifth week we had a 600% increase in weekly sales and overall saw an impressive 220% increase in monthly sales." Additionally the combined closing ratio of this company's sales force increased from 29% to 71%, in three short months.
  • A Software Sales Rep who wrote, "Through SELLability I doubled my income and was the top sales rep at my software company 3 years in a row…I can go anywhere and sell anything with this training."
  • "In six weeks our closing ratio went from 44% to 64%. I was extremely impressed by the amount of time that you took to understand our company and our products and each one of our sales reps. Taking the time to interview and work with each one was something that I did not expect at all. I can best describe what you did by calling it a twofold system that is a brilliant combination of training on the correct technology of sales that is coupled with a step-by-step sales process." - Terry Morrill, Pacific Outdoor Living, Los Angeles.

When asked what it is in their personal approach towards their clients that distinguishes SELLability from other sales training companies, Ms. Terrenzi concludes, "We teach how to sell effectively through the use of eliminating or minimizing the 'fear of loss' for the client while escalating their 'desire for gain'. We focus on your particular sales process and incorporate real impingement marketing throughout that process that raises the value of your product or service while eliminating your competition."

Subjects such as Communication, Certainty, and Confidence, among others, form the basis of the Core Ability Sales Training. As is clear, these are the human elements of the sales process, and frequently present themselves as trouble spots. This video provides an overview of the sales training process.

SELLability offers a FREE Sales Skills Assessment Test, take it now to find out your strengths and weaknesses.

About SELLability

SELLability delivers a wide variety of services all geared to the improvement of the individual sales person's abilities, and thus the company's bottom line. Their programs have been developed from the viewpoint that sales people can improve their sales performance through effective training from highly experienced sales people. This fills a big void in the sales training world. Recognizing the importance of sales personnel's ability to connect with the prospect, build relationships, and develop trust, SELLability has developed, and delivered their Core Ability Sales Training, otherwise known as the CAST System to stellar results. For more information about SELLability, please visit or call: 818.815.8314.

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