December 16, 2014 10:00 ET Continues to Dominate the Secondary Market for Those Looking to Rent, Buy, or Sell Timeshare

Offers to Buy and Rent Timeshares Advertised on Exceed All Competitor-Published Reports in 2014

EXETER, NH--(Marketwired - December 16, 2014) - Prospective buyers and renters on the secondary market are flocking to in greater numbers than any other timeshare resale website, according to a compilation of offers reports from the first three quarters of 2014. During this interval, forwarded 21,935 confirmed purchase inquiries to its advertisers, 52% more than the amount reported by the company's closest known competitor. In addition, forwarded 17,813 confirmed rental inquiries for a net dollar value more than five times that of the same competitor. All told, the company delivered more than $150 million in offers to timeshare owners.

Following the completion of the company's third business quarter in September, the net total of all purchase offers in 2014 exceeded $117 million. This represents an average of $5,330 per recorded offer, surpassing the industry-wide median resale purchase price of $5,1251.

"Our marketing initiatives drove more than 1.8 million unique visitors to, and over 3.3 million unique visitors to our family of websites during the first three quarters of the year. By targeting buyer and renter traffic specifically, we are able to foster an active marketplace, resulting in increased demand and competition for owners' properties," said SellMyTimeshareNow, LLC President, Chad Newbold. "We provide our clients the opportunity to receive more purchase offers-at a higher value-than any other timeshare resale company, increasing the owner's chance of a successful sale."

Timeshare rental offer activity has been equally robust in the first three quarters of 2014, finishing with a net total of $35.6 million. This equates to an average of $2000 per recorded rental offer, an amount that greatly exceeds the industry-wide annual maintenance fee mean of $8452. Such a price point provides owners the opportunity to more than cover their yearly ownership costs by renting through, while still providing affordable vacations for their guests and increasing occupancy levels for the resorts.

"Our rental offers are particularly impressive in light of the fact that our offer figures do not include figures from our websites that offer automated, point-and-click online booking," explained Scott Roberts, CEO of SellMyTimeshareNow, LLC. "We have invested significantly into making our family of sites a top resource for those looking to buy and rent timeshare. Individual owners aren't the only ones benefiting from our dominating presence online. Our resort partners that leverage our marketing prowess to embrace the secondary market have seen substantial success."

As the New Year rapidly approaches, remains poised to capitalize on its momentum of acquiring market share well into 2015 and beyond. Fourth quarter purchase and rental offer projections are on par with the successes displayed during the first nine months of the year, and recent additions to the company's family of websites are already yielding record results. With a redesign of also planned for the coming year, it is an exciting time for the timeshare resale and rental company more consumers trust than any other in the industry.

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SellMyTimeshareNow, LLC is the leading provider of timeshare resale and rental services in the vacation ownership industry. With over 4 million visits to its family of sites in 2013 (and over 3.3 million in the first three quarters of 2014) is the world's most active online marketplace for the purchase and rental of timeshare interests. A subsidiary of Vacation Innovations, SellMyTimeshareNow, LLC has been helping to solve the shared ownership needs of owners and non-owners alike since 2003. For more information, visit See what they are up to on Facebook at or on Twitter at

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