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February 07, 2011 15:00 ET

Semandex Announces Partnership to Bring Polling Data to Operational Users

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - February 7, 2011) - Semandex Networks Inc., today announced a new partnership with Pechter Middle East Polls (PMEP), to bring polling data to operational users in powerful new ways. Semandex develops web applications that allow users to quickly combine multiple datasets, interact with the data and produce a variety of visualizations. PMEP is breaking new ground in polling data from the Middle East and beyond that has caught the attention of policy makers interested in the region. Together, the partnership intends to provide operational users better data than ever before available with an easy-to-use tool that combines this data with other operational views.

Semandex's President and CEO, Dan Reininger, commented, "Our semantics-based connected intelligence technology is driven by scalability, flexibility and ease of use. We provide a new way to link high-value datasets into specialized actionable information faster and easier than ever before. The partnership with PMEP can now deliver both the data and the capability to use it."

For operational users focused on the perception of populations around the world, Semandex delivers a powerful new way to quickly combine and assess high-value datasets from many sources and in many formats. PMEP brings high-value, scientifically valid polling data on topics and regions of interest, and their methodology for assessing data enables users to combine this polling data with previously collected information. Semandex uses the combined information to show changes in perception over time and provides a path to Measures of Effectiveness for operational actions.

Adam Pechter, PMEP President, commented, "we have done groundbreaking polling in places such as Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq on perceptions of the United States and our activities abroad, and the partnership with Semandex provides a fantastic path to help bring this information to the operational community."

About Pechter Middle East Polls

Pechter Middle East Polls (PMEP) specializes in conducting and analyzing political, economic and social surveys in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. PMEP was founded with the purpose of creating a more accurate, meaningful portrait of public opinion from these regions. 

Over the last two years, PMEP has conducted and/or analyzed fourteen public opinion polls, including surveys from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Israel and a poll on East Jerusalem Palestinians sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. There was no regime supervision or interference in any of the polls, and other aspects of PMEP's polling methodology produce high validity results. PMEP is headquartered in Princeton, NJ and is a small business under NAICS 541910. PMEP can be reached at or at 1+ (609) 759-0550.

About Semandex Networks, Inc.

Semandex Networks is a pioneer in applications for organizing and linking data. With over 10 years of experience, Semandex has developed Tango®, a semantic wiki to help intelligence analysts organize and uncover connections between the data. Semandex's newest application, Salsadb, brings the concept of social networks to data. Semandex can be reached at, or 609.454.0448.

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