August 09, 2011 08:30 ET

Semathy: Extraordinarily Accurate Foreign Exchange Formula to Assist Governments and Corporations With Economic Revitalization

Canadian Currency Abstractionist Calculates Upcoming Exchange Rates With Extreme Accuracy, Provides a View of the Foreign Exchange Never Before Seen

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 9, 2011) - Lambros Klouvidakis, a private Canadian citizen who recently unveiled an extraordinary formula for calculating future foreign exchange rates with bold accuracy, believes institutions and governments will be able to use the new information, through foreign exchange trading, to assist with recovery from devastating losses many institutions and private citizens have experienced since the economic downturn.

"Not everyone knows how to trade on the foreign exchange," said Klouvidakis, owner of Semathy, a company offering tools to take advantage of the new foreign exchange trading approach. "It's up to our world's governments and large institutions to put these principles to use for the good of us all. Once people begin to use the tools, it will become clear how very powerful the formula is. It could be the most important world finance development in decades."

Klouvidakis said he would like to lead governments and corporations to an approach that works better than the stock market, which has not provided positive investments for many in recent years. His ultimate goal is to share his discovery, giving many the ability to dip into the rising three-trillion-dollar daily market to reach their goals and reduce the financial stress.

With this formula, according to Klouvidakis, institutions, governments and individuals will be able to overcome many of the challenges of foreign exchange trading. He explains: "Foreign exchange trading is very difficult. Basic trading is possible. But it's definitely a specialized market. Even if you decide you want to learn it, Forex trading can require quite a learning curve. The formula and related services will remove some of the barriers."

Semathy Formula Developed over 12 Years of Foreign Exchange Study

For a period of 12 years, Klouvidakis worked more than 20,000 hours and produced more than 9,000 pages of notes and drawings that test and explain his astonishing foreign exchange formula.

He soon expects to release a book about his foreign exchange principles to help others understand them.

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