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November 09, 2006 07:15 ET

Semiconductor Insights: Texas Instruments "LoCosto RF" and Baseband Single Chip Solution Recognized as Most Innovative Baseband and/or Applications Processor

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 9, 2006) - Semiconductor Insights (SI), the leader in technical and patent analyses of integrated circuits and electronic systems, today announced that it has awarded Texas Instruments "LoCosto" Single-Chip Platform the 2006 INSIGHT Award for Most Innovative Baseband and/or Applications Processor.

"With the LoCosto platform, Texas Instruments has taken advantage of its DRP Digital RF Processor (DRP) architecture, created as an RF solution that leverages the cost and power benefits of volume CMOS process technology," said Michael Keller, SI's Technology Manager for Wireless. "Leveraging its DRP technology, Texas Instruments has designed a significant product for mobile applications by integrating both RF and baseband functionality together on a single chip in 90-nanometer technology. The dual functionality can potentially reduce the three biggest challenges in mobile systems - space, power, and cost, all of which relate to the number of components needed to perform the necessary functions on a handset."

With an integrated solution there are, obviously, fewer components required. Not only does an integrated solution reduce the number of chips, it also eliminates trace leads allowing for considerably smaller PCBs. As there are fewer components, they do not have to be independently powered, lowering power consumption. And finally, fewer components means less to purchase. Even if you increase the price for one component slightly, but eliminate another altogether, the OEM will be coming out ahead. With integrated solutions, industry members estimate component count and PCB space will be reduced by as much as 50%, while over all BOM will decrease by 25% or more. TI's LoCosto platform is designed to reduce the bill of materials count by integrating both the RF and baseband functionality into a single chip. This reduced eBOM means lowered system cost, which will enable broader wireless adoption in emerging markets.

"We are pleased with Semiconductor Insights' recognition of Texas Instruments "LoCosto" single chip solution, which is ramping in volume today and designed into more than 15 customers worldwide. The integrated features that the "LoCosto" solution offers to mobile applications in a single chip, combined with TI's innovative DRP technology, will enable smaller, cheaper, and lower power systems in the market," said Remi El-Ouazzane, General Manager of TI's 2.5G business for its Wireless Terminals Business Unit.

While there are other competing solutions, SI's recent analysis of Texas Instruments' "LoCosto" single chip solution revealed that the device is manufactured using TI's proven 90nm process lithography. The resulting LoCosto solution provides a considerably smaller die size whilst enabling additional features, a key necessity for mobile applications. The die size of the LoCosto solution in 90nm with its additional features measures about 25% smaller than that of the Infineon E-Goldradio, which was designed using a 130nm process. The die size savings allows TI to produce more die per wafer, giving it a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

A further competitive differentiator for TI's LoCosto family of scalable single-chip solutions is that it ranges in capability from supporting GSM voice-centric phones, to GPRS devices that support a robust set of features for the higher end of emerging markets. It is highly integrated with additional features, including dedicated internal SRAM enabling B&W and Color display phones without external memory, audio encoding standards like MP3 and AAC without external co-processors; integrated support for megapixel camera, FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity and more. This allows customers flexibility to address growing GSM-based regions like China, India, Brazil and Africa, and feature phone markets such as Europe, Asia and U.S.

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