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June 04, 2015 01:00 ET

Semitrex Establishes International Technical Advisory Board

Appoints Renowned European Ph.D.s Specializing in Analog/Mixed Signal IC Design

MUNICH, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Jun 4, 2015) - Following a recent Global Semiconductor Alliance meeting, Michael H. Freeman, CEO and CTO of Semitrex, announced the appointment of Dr. Andrea Baschirotto, Ph.D. and Dr. Piero Malcovati, Ph.D. to the company's newly created International Technical Advisory Board (ITAB). Semitrex's ITAB is tasked with guiding the company's overall technical strategy and implementing its global product roadmap with a special focus on the European integration of its TRONIUM Power Supply System(s) on a Chip™ (PSSoC) products. Dr. Baschirotto will serve as the ITAB chairman and Dr. Malcovati will serve as its vice-chairman, both reside in Italy's Milano metropolitan area.

"The appointment of these two distinguished global experts to the ITAB demonstrates Semitrex's commitment to solving the problem of energy waste worldwide and builds on our efforts to help solve Europe's $15 billion per year vampire load crisis," noted Freeman. "Leveraging the thought leadership of trusted, well-respected experts such as Dr. Baschirotto and Dr. Malcovati is invaluable to Semitrex as we embark on our mission to disrupt the power conversion status quo."

The 2012 European Commission Energy Efficiency Directive established a set of binding measures to help the EU reach its 20 percent increased energy efficiency target by 2020. Under the directive, all EU countries are required to use energy more efficiently at all stages of the energy chain -- from production to final consumption.

Semitrex is addressing EU energy efficiency goals by improving the way that power conversions are made. The company's first chip, the highly energy-efficient TRONIUM PSSoC, is based on its patented Muxcapacitor™ technology and has been tested with efficiencies over 90 percent across all load ranges (down to 50 milliamps) with only 1/2 milliwatt of standby power draw in the U.S. and 1 milliwatt of standby power draw in Europe. This revolutionary technology includes capacitor cascading voltage reduction, gate timing technologies, capacitor gate sharing and low conversion ratio capacitive voltage conversions, all of which set the Semitrex approach apart from traditional methods and enable high energy efficiencies. Semitrex is the first in the industry to utilize a capacitive pre-regulation technology as a method to reduce voltages down from the mains with high efficiencies.

Drs. Baschirotto and Malcovati bring decades of expertise, knowledge and practical experience in the semiconductor and power supply fields to Semitrex. Key responsibilities include the further development, maintenance and evolution of the Semitrex technical strategy, along with providing technical guidance to help shape the company's technology into a global solution. 

"This is an important position and an honor," said Dr. Baschirotto, a comment which was echoed by Dr. Malcovati. "Instilling the utmost confidence in everyone from governments to manufacturers to end users is extremely important to Semitrex. The ITAB's contributions to continuing advancements in our game-changing technology will ensure that Semitrex maintains the leadership position we've staked out in the field of power supply conversions," Dr. Baschirotto stated.

Dr. Baschirotto brings decades of teaching, research, and industrial design in the field of microelectronics to his role as the ITAB chairman. In January of 2014, he was distinguished by being selected as an IEEE Fellow, joining an elite group of other international IEEE experts who have significantly contributed to the advancement of engineering, science and technology. Dr. Baschirotto has authored or co-authored more than 30 U.S. patents in the analog field. He is the current leader of the Microelectronics Group at the University of Milan-Bicocca. His expertise is in the design of CMOS mixed analog/digital integrated circuits, particularly low-power and/or high-speed signal processing; and he has been active in developing custom analog/mixed signal solutions for telecom, smart sensor, power management and audio applications for decades. He has authored or co-authored more than 190 papers in international journals and presentations at international conferences, and six book chapters. Dr. Baschirotto received his Ph.D. in electronics engineering from the University of Pavia.

Currently an associate professor at the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering of the University of Pavia, Dr. Malcovati is an expert in the field of microsensor interface circuits, high-performance data converters, and power management systems. He is the author or co-author of more than 70 papers published in IEEE and international journals, with more than 250 presentations at international conferences, 25 book chapters, and six industrial patents. Dr. Malcovati serves on the technical committees of numerous international conferences, including ISSCC, ESSCIRC, SENSORS, ICECS, and PRIME. An IEEE senior member, Dr. Malcovati received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich.

About Semitrex
With corporate headquarters in Laguna Beach, California, Semitrex is a new breed of fabless semiconductor company enjoying successes in energy-efficient power solutions. At a time when worldwide energy shortages are a reality and strict new efficiency standards are being enacted globally, Semitrex is creating impactful, revolutionary energy-efficient power conversion products that are friendly to humans and the environment. 

The first real power supply breakthrough in over four decades, Semitrex's highly energy-efficient TRONIUM™ Power Supply System on a Chip™ (PSSoC) is a total solution that virtually eliminates vampire power losses. Applications addressed by Semitrex's power conversion technology include the billions of devices in the consumer, computer, telecom, medical and industrial markets.

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