March 07, 2006 08:30 ET

SEMphonic Will Solve the Mind Numbing Tasks of Developing Multiple Integrated Search Engine and Online Marketing Reports With Launch of CampaignTracker for Agencies and Enterprises

New Tool Will Deliver on the Pressing Need to Have a Smart, Comprehensive, Accurate, and Fast Way to Measure and Improve Multiple Integrated Search Engine Data, Banner Advertising, Affiliate Networks, and Competitor Campaign Performance

NOVATO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 7, 2006 -- SEMphonic, search engine marketing (SEM) analytics tool specialist, today announced CampaignTracker, a new innovative tool that solves the mind numbing tasks of developing multiple integrated search engine and online marketing reports and competitor monitoring for agencies and enterprises. CampaignTracker offers individual and teams of SEM Practitioners the ability to see, evaluate, aggregate, and present SEM campaign performance across multiple search engines (ie. Yahoo!, Google, MSN, etc), and other media such as banner ads and affiliate networks, and monitor competitor search engine marketing campaigns. Because SEM is based on competitive bidding, knowing who the competition is and what they are doing is essential for cost-effective campaigns.

Until now, the process of compiling search engine and online marketing data into reports for a company has been a frustrating, time consuming, labor intensive and frequently inaccurate process. In regard to search engine data acquisition, SEM Practitioners have been forced to manually integrate data from multiple, dissimilar search engine interfaces to get actionable reports for either external client or internal use. Because search engines frequently, without notice, change their reporting interfaces, maintaining one's own reporting solution is expensive and fraught with difficulties.

CampaignTracker will change all that.

Effective campaign management requires a comprehensive understanding of campaign performance as well as the ability to respond quickly and decisively. Too many reports can be just as bad as too few. CampaignTracker will distill the essential elements of campaign management to a useful set of essential reports. For one's own campaigns, these reports will cover performance by search engine, ad group, category, advertising creative, and keywords. For the competition, these reports will include one's competitors' position, comparisons between one's position and performance with that of one's competition, as well identify Gaps (terms that your competition is buying that you aren't) and opportunities (possibly relevant terms that neither you nor your competitors are buying). This comprehensive set of reports will get its data directly and automatically from search engines, competitors' websites, as well as other online media.

According to Gary Angel, Semphonic President and CTO, "CampaignTracker will provide a true 360 degree view of your SEM Marketspace -- from how your campaigns are performing across engines to where and how well your competitors are playing the market." Campaign Tracker will be designed to support a wide-range of SEM practitioners -- ranging from top-line Agencies managing many clients to individual buyers managing a single corporate SEM effort.

"Everybody needs clear and reliable reporting," adds Angel, "and for most SEM Practitioners, time is their single most precious commodity. CampaignTracker will shave the time to reports down to almost nothing -- and deliver presentation quality reporting with rich and actionable information."

About SEMphonic

SEMphonic brings over 9 years of experience in Internet marketing competitive analytics to search engine marketing (SEM) professionals. The company focus is to develop and deliver powerful online campaign tracking tools that provide SEM practitioners worldwide with accurate and rapid methods to report comparative PPC search engine performance and competitor campaign performance. SEM professional now get faster, more actionable insights to help improve SEM campaign performance.

SEMphonic provides these technologies, tools, and services to maximize the competitive edge for Agencies and companies such as American Express, WebMD, AOL, CyberTrader, Charles Schwab, Endless Pools, Hotwire, Intuit, Mediasmith, iCrossing, and others. SEMphonic is headquartered in Novato, California. Visit us at for more information.

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