SOURCE: Sean Reyes for Utah Attorney General

Sean Reyes for Utah Attorney General

June 13, 2012 07:15 ET

Senator Bob Bennett Endorses Utah Attorney General Candidate Sean Reyes

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - Jun 13, 2012) - Former U.S. Senator and Hinckley Institute of Politics' Resident Scholar Bob Bennett today endorsed Utah Attorney General Candidate Sean Reyes in the Primary and will support his campaign through General Election if he wins on June 26.

According to Senator Bennett, Reyes is well-respected locally and nationally for his legal expertise, leadership experience, work ethics and integrity, factors that were paramount in Bennett's decision to endorse Reyes for Utah Attorney General in this very close race.

According to Bennett: "Sean Reyes is getting support from a whole host of respected public and private individuals who know he won't play favorites(1). These individuals understand he will work tirelessly with law enforcement and other state officials with an honest, open and even hand.

"I am convinced Sean Reyes is the candidate best qualified to defend our families and freedoms in Utah and uphold our constitutions of the United States and our State. I am for him because I trust him. I trust him when it comes to leading with integrity. I trust him when it comes to understanding and applying the law. And I trust him to fight for Utah's interests now and in the future. For example, I have spent many hours in Washington deeply involved in Utah's land-use issues(2). They impact Utah's schools, communities and economy on so many levels. I am confident Sean understands these issues keenly and what is at stake. Sean Reyes will be a true public servant and an Attorney General we can all be proud of."

In response to Bennett's endorsement, Reyes adds: "I am honored and humbled that someone of Senator Bennett's character, intellect and expertise in business and lawmaking is supporting me and my campaign. I agree with him that it is essential Utah's next Attorney General lead the office with real legal and leadership experience as well as integrity. We need an AG who will roll up his sleeves, work hard, be transparent and get the job done without influence by donors or special interests and without worrying about who gets political credit. This type of leadership will ensure the trust of the agencies the office represents as well as Utah families and communities."

Sean D. Reyes currently serves as General Counsel for eTAGZ and was formerly a partner at Utah's largest firm, where he spent 14 years handling large, complex litigation, trials and appeals. He was named the first-ever "National Outstanding Young Lawyer" in 2007 by the American Bar Association and has earned numerous state and national awards in law and business. For over a decade, Reyes has served as a small claims judge and has been appointed to both prestigious state and federal commissions. Reyes has dedicated countless hours to establishing, leading and serving on non-profit and charitable boards benefiting causes such as education, law enforcement, and constitutional issues as well as fighting pornography and investment fraud. He has also served on boards and in leadership roles for legal, business, civic, religious and political organizations. He has lent his expertise to media outlets locally and internationally such as Fox News and the Economist. Reyes is a father of six and son of immigrant parents with Asian, Hawaiian, and Spanish heritage. To find out more, go to:

(1) Bob Bennett Endorses AG Candidate Sean Reyes for Legal Expertise, Leadership and Integrity (radio ad)

(2) Bob Bennett Endorses AG Candidate Sean Reyes for Land-Use Issues Expertise (radio ad)

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