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December 13, 2011 14:32 ET

'Send Later...Write Now': Future-Text App Sends a Text When You Forget

Useful Personal and Business App Sends Automatic Pre-Programmed Texts to Friends or Colleagues on a Scheduled Date

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 13, 2011) - In a digital, fast-paced world where people often forget the "little" things like anniversaries and birthdays, the Future-Text app --an app that provides a way to text 'send later...write now' -- programs delayed texts that automatically send out on dates the user schedules. Future-Text Lite is free and allows iPhone users to program a text for delivery up to 30 days in advance. The full version for $1.99 provides users with access to a Web-based console where pre-programmed text messages can be created and managed; all messages created either on the Web console or created on the iPhone synch automatically in real-time for complete control. Text messages in the paid version can additionally be delayed for an infinite period of time into the future and allows repeating texts -- useful for small businesses or for recurring events such as anniversaries and birthdays or just a quick hello or message that a user would want to send to someone during the day but are afraid they will forget.

Today, text messages are immediate, interactive and highly visible, allowing users to get quick attention and to 'nudge' others and receive an immediate response. The Future-Text app takes advantage of this feature by pairing it with pre-programmed reminders. Users can type a text in real time and have it sent at a later date. The full version features a Web console providing texters a way to plan, program, edit and see all their scheduled texts on their desktop computer for added convenience.

With ever more people relying on smartphones to track and schedule their busy lives, the Future-Text app is perfect for sending a personal reminder for important dates. Through the app, these reminders also double as a personalized text to the recipient on special occasions like birthdays. Used for business, the app's Auto-Repeat feature can provide monthly billing reminders and, because the app has the dual function of a reminder and an immediate text, users can pre-program a text to a client to coincide with a company celebration or the arrival of a gift -- to add a personal touch.

"Texting has become an integral part of the way we communicate today. It's quick and immediate and lets the recipient know that you're thinking about them," said Jason Kirshner, co-founder of Future-Text. "The Future-Text app takes texting to another level by leveraging this ubiquitous form of social interaction and allows users to text into the future so messages on important dates can be automatically sent even when the user forgets."

To ensure pre-programmed text messages are still valid, a courtesy alert is sent to the user's iPhone when the scheduled text is programmed to go out. With a one-touch feature, the user can cancel or send the scheduled message.

About Future-Text
Created by busy executives looking for alternatives to streamline communication with both personal contacts and friends, the Future-Text app was developed by merging two commonly used email and phone features -- reminders and text -- into one. The result was a useful tool that provides personal instant reminders that double as 'spontaneous' texts to friends and colleagues. Future-Text is based out of Southern California.

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