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November 20, 2006 10:51 ET

Send Word Now Partners With Wallace Wireless to Enable BlackBerry as Mass Notification Tool

Partnership Delivers BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN Messaging for Critical and Everyday Messaging

NEW YORK, NY--(CCNMatthews - November 20, 2006) - Send Word Now, the leading provider of on-demand alerting and response services, today announced that it has partnered with Wallace Wireless, the world's leading supplier of wireless crisis communication software for BlackBerry. Together the companies have redefined how the BlackBerry® can be used for rapid two-way communications in time-sensitive situations with PIN-to-PIN messaging.

The joint distribution and integration agreement between the two companies integrates PIN-to-PIN messaging, sometimes called "PIN blasting," with Wallace Wireless' Mass Notification service and Send Word Now's Smart Notification Service. These services allow organizations to reliably communicate with mobile users anytime, anywhere, in real-time, and respond with decisive action.

"Mobile devices are increasingly being relied upon as essential tools for communication during emergencies," said Rob Moffat, president of Wallace Wireless. "It is critical that when time is of the essence, access and management capabilities be as accessible and as easy to activate as possible. This integrated offering does just that -- it leverages Send Word Now's notification engine and our incident management tools for Blackberry users to provide a seamless easy-to-use service."

Send Word Now's CEO and President Mitchell Orlowsky added, "Our customers can now initiate PIN messages from their computer, phone or BlackBerry. With pre-arranged workflows, they can quickly and easily push out stored response information on how to handle a certain situation, enabling faster response in critical situations."

PIN-to-PIN messaging lets BlackBerry users communicate directly with other BlackBerry users in both emergency and everyday situations. PIN-to-PIN messaging serves as a backup communication mode when email networks are down or voice networks are clogged. Because PIN messages are not routed through an email server, BlackBerry users can still send and receive text messages in event of email network failure. In addition, during crisis situations when call volumes inundate landline and wireless voice networks, BlackBerry PIN networks have proven to be resilient. PIN-to-PIN messaging takes up much less bandwidth than a voice call, so these messages are still able to get through on the wireless network even when voice calls cannot.

Companies such as large banks and real estate companies are using Wallace Wireless and Send Word Now services for business continuity and emergency notification. In the event of critical business disruptions, a major bank uses the service to locate a team of high level management personnel and automatically join them onto a conference call. This helps them to streamline response time during incidents and bridge communication gaps.

A prominent real estate company uses mass notification to alert over 100 tenants of critical issues. Tenants manage their own contact information (via web interface) minimizing property management intervention and allowing greater flexibility. In times of crisis, tenants are notified quickly and effectively. Most importantly, all communication is tracked and recorded to ensure the correct information has been effectively relayed.

In addition to financial services and real estate, alert and response services from Send Word Now and Wallace Wireless are critical in industries such as government, healthcare, education, energy, retail, media and professional services. Visit and click on "test send word now" for an online demonstration of how the service works.

About Wallace Wireless

Wallace Wireless, with offices internationally, is the leading provider of wireless applications for business continuity and efficiency. Since it inception in 2000, the Wallace Wireless mission is to deliver reliable solutions that provide businesses and governments with means to manage their mobile force from daily management to emergency response. For more information visit

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Send Word Now is the leading provider of on-demand alerting and response services which drive effective communication during time sensitive situations. The easy-to-use, web-based services are used by Global 2000 and government organizations to ensure smart, effective organization-wide coordination in real time, improving day-to-day business operations and ensuring continuity during crises anywhere, anytime, regardless of location or device connection. The company is headquartered in New York City. More information about Send Word Now can be found at Send Word Now. Get Word Back. See the Results.

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