December 02, 2010 17:04 ET

Seniors Safely Access the Internet With Free Web Tool in Time for Christmas

STATESBORO, GA--(Marketwire - December 2, 2010) - announces a new website to help seniors safely access the internet. The free tool organizes the internet's prime resources into straight-forward categories, such as U.S. News, Search Engines, Driving & Automotive, Email, etc. These categories are presented in four columns: News, Information, Interests and Staying Connected. The full outline is viewed on the landing page, and that page is protected from advertisements, pop-ups, and those annoying billboard ads that randomly invite themselves into your online environment.

"Seniors need an internet environment with less chaos," says Wendy Denton, the site's developer. "There is a lot to take in when you go to Yahoo or MSN for your home page. The page loads differently each time, and it takes seniors longer to get their bearings in a constantly changing landscape. They make a wrong click and a video loads or audio begins from some unknown location -- It can be distressing for new users." 

The site also helps seniors avoid clicking on to a site with inappropriate content, and directs them to sites that are some of the most trustworthy and useful on the web. The site links to AARP, the VA, Social Security, and sites for voter information. It also helps visitors find credible sites for directions, weather, recreation and news.

Besides directing seniors to some of the web's best resources, the site provides guidance on using the internet, and offers basic introductions to Wikipedia, Facebook, email and safe internet shopping for seniors.

The inspiration for the site came from Denton's own parents. "My brothers and I are giving our parents an iPad for Christmas," Denton says. "I developed the site as part of our gift to them. Our parents are each in their 80's, and have avoided computers. We are hoping that the intuitive iPad, pre-loaded by my oldest brother with email and Facebook accounts, a magazine subscription, family photos, and this site as their home page, might actually convince them to go online each day. It would be wonderful if the children and grandchildren could connect to them easily by Facebook and email." She's built in one or two personal touches; "Our father was a founder of the Michigan chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society, and we're hoping that link will be a real incentive for him," she laughs.

Go to to make use of this free tool. A button at the bottom will establish the site as your home page. A lot of families may spend the holidays helping their parents and grandparents learn to make better use of the internet. is an excellent way to make sure everyone has a positive experience.

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