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Sensible Seeds

August 31, 2010 08:30 ET

Sensible Seeds Incredible Galactic Offer of 20% Off Selected Royal Kush Seeds

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 31, 2010) - With economic times proving very tough for the best of us, any opportunity to save is like a shining beacon of hope in a storm, especially when looking for something special. Sensible Seeds only brings you special items, so when they have something extra to shout about you know you need to sit up and pay attention. The galactic opportunity for you today is a hefty 20% off the price of one of its finest strains of cannabis seeds.

Not only this but if you spend £25 or over on Special Kush seeds from Sensible Seeds, you will receive 3 free seeds and if you spend over £100 you will get 5 free seeds! That's a galactic saving you can take to the bank. Special Kush is one of Sensible Seeds' favourite products. It is an indica dominant cannabis variety from Royal Queen's feminized seed collection. Royal Queen has produced some of the very best seeds available, so you know that Special Kush is worth a look.

Thanks to a hand selected mix of genetic traits from both parent strains, Special Kush has been developed to be to totally adaptive to European and US climates and gives one of the most satisfying souvenir experiences. (For something you can consume why not try one of our herbal highs.) This means that no matter where you are, indoors or outdoors, you can enjoy your very own amazing souvenir seeds knowing that they have the capacity to be a champion.

With 20% off the list price for this brilliant product and either 3, or 5 free seeds when you spend £25 or £100 or more on seeds, Sensible Seeds is confident that you will be making a huge saving. You will also give yourself the opportunity to sit back and watch as your tiny seeds provide you with a great talking point next time you have friends over.

Sensible Seeds is one of the top providers of marijuana seeds for medical purposes on the net. They have a massive range of seed varieties with a full description and review of each on their top class website, as well as other souvenir paraphernalia including: books, pipes, bongs, a range of t-shirts and hoodies and lots of other cool stuff including a range of legal highs. All Sensible Seeds' deliveries are incredibly discrete and with years of experience behind them, they know how you think and work hard to provide you with the best seeds available at always unbeatable prices. The sensible option is always: Sensible Seeds.

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