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SENSIO Technologies Inc.

July 02, 2015 13:00 ET

SENSIO Update On 3DGO!™ Growth Plan

Marketing plan driving strong growth in users

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - July 2, 2015) - SENSIO Technologies Inc. ("SENSIO") (TSX VENTURE:SIO) presents updated results for 3DGO!™ and provides additional details on its on-going 3DGO!™ marketing efforts to promote the service in North America. As at June 30th 2015, the number of 3DGO!™ registered users in North America grew to 29,380, an increase of 6,017 users since the end of SENSIO's third quarter. Most of this increase came from LG 3DTV owners, namely driven by the full deployment on all smart 3DTVs sold since 2012, which was completed at the end of March 2015, and the various co-marketing initiatives which have been implemented with LG. The number of new registered users per month since the end of Q3 has grown by more than 209% compared to the previous two quarters which are traditionally stronger due to seasonal holidays.

"We are thrilled by the early results of our growth plan which is still in its early stage of deployment," said Nicholas Routhier, President and CEO of SENSIO Technologies Inc. "Our focus on content acquisition, platform development and marketing efforts are starting to pay off as evidenced by the important growth in the number of new registered users to 3DGO!™ in the last few months. With these recent results and considering the upcoming marketing initiatives as well as the fantastic upcoming slate of 3D releases, we are very confident that we will meet our Q1 target of 50K users and even accelerate our strong growth from there on."


Since the end of the third quarter, SENSIO has renewed and expanded its agreement with Paramount for the distribution of their 3D movies on 3DGO!™ while adding a fourth MPAA member studio to its content partner list. With these new agreements in hand, SENSIO will now be able to add a total of 19 new movies to its 3DGO!™ service during the summer of 2015 making it the largest number of releases in a single season since the launch of 3DGO!™. Current studios under agreement will also release 17 new movies in the next twelve months including major blockbuster titles such as "Jurassic World", "Inside-Out" and "Star Wars - The Force Awakens" which are expected to drive new users and rentals.

In June of 2015, SENSIO launched a new 3D content initiative as part of its on-going efforts to bring new exciting 3D content to its 3DGO!™ users. With this new initiative, SENSIO intends to bring trailers of upcoming 3D theatrical movies for free to its 3DGO!™ registered users, giving them a unique 3D sneak preview of new movies in the comfort of their own homes. The first such 3D trailer to be added to 3DGO!™ was for the movie "Inside-Out" which is currently playing in theatres across North America. SENSIO intends to expand this program to more studios and more movies in the coming months and to work in partnership with studios to drive 3DTV owners to see these trailers in 3D on 3DGO!™.

"We've made significant progress in terms of adding value to our 3D content library and the increased number of rentals compared to the same months of the 2014 fiscal year is a very good indication of the progress we've made in providing the content our users truly want", explained Mr. Routhier. "We're also highly motivated by the sustained success of 3D movies in theatres which is evidenced by the box office of recent 3D releases. We're only a few weeks into the summer blockbuster season and 2015 already promises to be a historical one for 3D movies. The strong 3D performances of movies like Mad Max, Inside-Out and especially Jurassic World confirm that the 3D digital theatre experience is still going strong and that, after nearly ten years since the first digital 3D movie, consumers continue to flock in great numbers to enjoy this premium experience. Our job is to transfer that experience into the home and to cater to the owners of the already more than thirteen million 3DTVs in North America. With the impressive pipeline of high-quality 3D content coming up for 3DGO!™, we are thrilled and very eager to accelerate our growth plan in the coming months."


At the end of April of 2015, SENSIO announced that it had entered into an agreement with Samsung to make 3DGO!™ available to their smart 3DTV owners in territories where the service is available. With this new manufacturer on board and based on data provided by Display Search, SENSIO estimates that the addressable market for 3DGO!™ will grow to more than 80% of all 3DTVs sold in North America since 2012 when the service launches in the Fall of 2015. This will bring the estimated number of addressable 3DTVs in North America to 10.5M units, more than doubling the current addressable market for 3DGO!™ in the region. With this critical mass achieved, SENSIO will now turn its attention to streaming devices such as set top boxes and streaming sticks to address the remainder of the market.

"Only a few months ago, before our full deployment with LG, 3DGO!™'s total addressable market represented barely 2.5M 3DTVs in North America. After the launch with Samsung this Fall, this number will reach more than 10.5M 3DTVs, a very significant market to work with in order to generate strong growth in terms of users and rentals", said Mr. Routhier. "While 3D is no longer the hot feature of TVs sold in North America, it is still very present with more than 2M new 3D capable TVs expected to be sold in the region in 2015 according to Display Search. Our promise to new and existing 3DTV owners across North America is that they will have an easy access to our premium store and this is what our platform initiative is all about. Now that we've reached a critical mass in terms of potential 3DTVs, it is now time to begin more widespread marketing efforts in order to build the awareness of 3DGO!™ in the region."


In order to build the awareness of 3DGO!™ to 3DTV owners in North America, SENSIO has begun working with its studio and consumer electronic partners on various joint marketing efforts. On the studio side, the purpose of these efforts is to reach out to 3D movie fans in order to inform them of the availability of these titles in 3D on 3DGO!™. The first two such announcements have been done recently on the "SpongeBob SquarePants Movie" Facebook page for the movie "Sponge Bob - Sponge Out of Water" and on the "Star Trek Movie" Facebook page for the movie "Star Trek - Into Darkness". These two pages have respectively 849K and 3.29M likes, providing significant exposure for 3DGO!™. SENSIO has already begun discussions in order to expand these awareness efforts to more movies (including the new 3D trailers program), to more studios and to more platforms.

For their part, the joint efforts with consumer electronics partners aim at raising awareness of the availability of 3DGO!™ to their smart 3DTV owners. Numerous such initiatives have been implemented with LG such as 3DGO!™ banner-adds in the LG Store and trailers of 3DGO!™ movies in the 3D section of the LG store. These efforts have contributed to the strong performance of the 3DGO!™ app which has become the 27th most downloaded app of all times on all LG smart TV's (2D and 3D) in only a few months and by being only available on 3DTVs. SENSIO plans on expanding the same efforts to more manufacturer and to add new initiatives as well.

Lastly, SENSIO is leading its own marketing efforts to build awareness of the 3DGO!™ store including a digital marketing campaign and a planned 3D theatrical campaign. This later campaign consists of a thirty second 3D advertising that will play before every screening of a specific major new 3D movie across a vast number of 3D screens across the United States. The 2D version of the advertising will be available on 3DGO!™'s Facebook page starting July 3rd. Movies currently being considered for this advertising campaign are expected to generate exposure to between 1.7M and 2.8M viewers each.

"It is finally coming out time for 3DGO!™ and SENSIO with its partners are ready to let 3DTV owners across North America know that they now have an easy way to get access to the best selection of 3D movies and get the most out of their 3DTVs.", said Mr. Routhier. "Our recent efforts and the impressive performance of the 3DGO!™ app on the LG smart platform have encouraged us to push further and expand our awareness efforts to more 3DTV owners out there. In the coming months, we will become far more vocal and we expect our awareness efforts to be a major driver of new registered users on 3DGO!™".

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