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September 18, 2007 02:47 ET

Sensors Take Accuracy to New Heights in De Havilland Pilot Watches

VANTAA, FINLAND--(Marketwire - September 18, 2007) - Pilot watches made by Swiss De Havilland use VTI Technologies' pressure sensors for precision barometer and altimeter functions. The De Havilland pilot watches record times of take-offs and landings, flight duration, allowing the user to register both block to block and total flight time.

"De Havilland pilot watch models DH-01 and DH-02 have been developed specifically for pilots by pilots," says Jean-Daniel Carrard, aviator and managing director of JDC Electronic SA. "De Havilland watches feature unique innovations that enhance flight data accuracy and usability of the watch. The DH-02 model is equipped with VTI's SCP1000 pressure sensor enabling altitude to be estimated to the accuracy of one foot. This entirely new interface, based on a rotating bezel, allows the user to adjust altitude and pressure (as in instrument panels) and to set the time -- one of the intelligent features seen for the first time in the watch. Also, a completely new proprietary control system based on the magnetic fields has been introduced to give precise control of the functions of De Havilland watches."

"We are excited to work together with JDC Electronic SA, a well-known design partner for several of the Swiss watch industry's famous brands," says Heikki Timonen, Product Manager for VTI's SCP1000 pressure sensor. "The demands for pressure sensors in high-end pilot watch are extremely high. Precise altitude information, stability and robust design are the key requirements for pressure sensor approval in this demanding application."

Taking the advantage of sub-meter accuracy of the VTI pressure sensor SCP1000, De Havilland watch keeps the aviator informed through several distinct modes: altitude (meters/feet), QFE height (hPa/Hg), Flight Level (FL), QFE and QNH (hPa/Hg) and barometer trend (hPa/Hg) information.



Originally founded by Jean-Daniel Carrard in 1981, JDC ELECTRONIC changed its status in 1984 to become JDC ELECTRONIC SA. JDC ELECTRONIC SA is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of sports instruments. A huge effort has been made to distribute these products worldwide. Today, JDC ELECTRONIC SA is considered to be the world leader in the wind measuring instrumentation.

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VTI Technologies is a global market leader of low-g acceleration sensors for automotive industry applications and Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM). Application areas for the company's motion and pressure sensors include the automotive industry, medical, instruments, as well as sports and handheld terminals. VTI develops and produces silicon-based capacitive sensors using its proprietary 3D MEMS (MicroElectroMechanicalSystem) technology, with application areas in acceleration, inclination, shock, vibration, angular rate and pressure measurement. VTI is owned by EQT III private equity fund. VTI's net sales in 2006 totalled EUR 72,4 million and the company has approx. 700 employees. Along with the head office in Finland and the global partner network, VTI's international sales and marketing network includes offices in Germany, USA, Japan and China. Besides Finland, VTI also has manufacturing operations in Mexico. More than 99% of the company's products are sold on international markets.

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