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Sensory, Inc.

June 08, 2009 08:00 ET

Sensory Announces 'Truly Hands-Free,' the First Always-On, Always-Listening Voice Control for Bluetooth Devices

Sensory Introduces BlueGenie™ Car Kit and BlueGenie Stereo Platforms

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - June 8, 2009) - Sensory Inc., the leader in speech technologies for consumer products, today announced Truly Hands-Free, a significant enhancement to the BlueGenie Voice Interface, the leading voice control and speech output solution on Bluetooth headsets. For the first time, Bluetooth devices -- including headsets, car kits and stereo headphones -- will benefit from a hands-free trigger or phrase spotting technology. With Truly Hands-Free, the BlueGenie Voice Interface is always listening and virtually impervious to background noise so the user can initiate functions without using even one button trigger.

"Hands-Free devices today still require a number of tactile interactions that can distract the driver from the task at hand," commented Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory. "What's been needed all along is a speech controlled technology that doesn't require a button press to get started. The technical challenge -- that Sensory is the first and only company to overcome -- is an always-on, always-listening technology that activates reliably in noise but doesn't accidentally come on from talk radio or conversations."

Truly Hands-Free Experience

Recent state-by-state legislation has mandated that drivers must use hands-free devices when using a cell phone and operating a vehicle. However, according to Chris Schreiner, Senior User Experience Analyst at Strategy Analytics, and his recent report, "Today's hands-free car kits lack a truly hands-free experience. Consumers want an easy and intuitive means of placing and accepting calls while driving that does not require them to take their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel, even for a moment. Trigger or phrase spotting technology is one of the hardest things to do in speech recognition but allows for the truly hands-free experience that's been missing. It is always listening for voice commands so that the consumer does not have to push even one button and can control everything with their voice, even in a noisy car environment."

Sensory's new Truly Hands-Free technology accomplishes this goal without even a single button press. A simple voice command such as "Hello BlueGenie" now 'wakes up' the car kit to listen for an operational speech command. This new technology from Sensory is highly robust, and performs well in over 70dB noise. Patent-pending low resource technology enables minimal power consumption to avoid excessive battery drain.

New BlueGenie Platforms

Sensory is introducing two new BlueGenie Voice Interface platforms: BlueGenie Car Kit and BlueGenie Stereo. OEM developers now have multiple options for integrating the BlueGenie™ Voice Interface with Truly Hands-Free into Bluetooth enabled mono headsets, stereo headsets and car kits for a more user-friendly, feature-rich, and safer driving experience.

BlueGenie Car Kit - The BlueGenie mono headset and car kit reference provide similar functionality of voice enabled operational control for pairing, voice dialing, information access, and settings functions. A pleasant sounding voice is included to announce calls, answer all queries and give various prompts. The car kit includes the Truly Hands-Free option. Many headsets would want a button press to maintain battery life, but Sensory has a patent pending approach to enable Truly Hands-Free performance in even the most constrained battery life situations such as mono headsets.

BlueGenie Stereo - The BlueGenie Stereo reference uses the standard phone functions (voice dialing, info access, settings, etc.) but also includes a superset of commands for setting the up/down music control buttons by voice for functions like volume, tone, balance, fast-forward, playlists, and selections that would otherwise require multiple hardwired buttons.

BlueGenie Voice Interface Capabilities

Sensory's BlueGenie Voice Interface for Mono Headsets has already received outstanding reviews and awards from industry experts and consumers alike. Users find that BlueGenie's unique features, like explanatory and pleasant sounding voice prompts, audible caller ID, and robust voice command sets are a revolutionary improvement over the traditional confusing beeps and awkward button pushes that once plagued Bluetooth headset users. Now the same BlueGenie technology running on CSR's BlueCore™ silicon is available for Bluetooth car kits and stereo headsets.

The BlueGenie Voice Interface provides several key functions:

--  Operational control and information access - Pairing, checking
    connection status and strength, battery checks, answering calls, and
    configuration/settings are all done through voice control. "What Can I
    Say?" is all the user needs to remember.
--  Dialing functions - Speed dialing, calling back on dropped calls, and
    information access (weather, driving directions, traffic conditions,
    stocks, etc.) can all be accomplished by voice. Free voice services for
    accessing information on any business in the US is also included.
--  Speech Synthesis for user friendly voice prompts - Incoming caller
    names or numbers can be announced and a pleasant sounding natural voice can
    respond to all queries. This replaces the beeps and flashing lights
    intended to communicate information on many older headsets.

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Sensory, Inc. is the leader in speech technologies for consumer products. Sensory is a VC-backed, privately held company offering a complete line of IC and software-only solutions for speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker verification, music synthesis and more. The company's products are widely deployed in consumer electronics applications including Bluetooth devices, telephones, home automation, toys, remote controls, automotive, security, and learning aids. Sensory's customers represent the leaders in consumer electronics, including such companies as BlueAnt Wireless, Hasbro, JVC, Kenwood, Mattel, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Uniden and Sony. Sensory, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, with additional offices in Portland, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Vienna. Visit for more information.

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