SOURCE: Sensory Networks

July 16, 2008 13:00 ET

Sensory Networks' HyperScan Pushes Pattern Matching to New Performance Levels

Company's Easy to Integrate Software Engine Scales to 29Gbps in Deep Content Inspection Performance

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - July 16, 2008) - Sensory Networks, the leader in pattern matching and acceleration software technology, today announced the latest release of their patent-pending HyperScan™ pattern matching engine. The latest innovations and improvements in the software engine have pushed layer 2 - layer 7 content scanning performance to over 29Gbps, while matching against millions of fully-supported regular expressions including wildcards and back-references.

"Sensory has been developing innovative algorithms for pattern-matching and content scanning for several years now, many of which are already deployed in software solutions and hardware products," said Mick Johnson, Director of Product Marketing for Sensory Networks. "With HyperScan, we've taken a major leap forward by delivering software-only performance that breaks through memory, latency, and throughput performance barriers previously thought to be insurmountable."

HyperScan is a highly portable, easy-to-integrate software engine that, aside of full PCRE support, comprises several specialized content scanning engines. Each engine is unique and tailored for different tasks and tuned to deliver optimal performance for certain parts of signatures, expressions and applications. Also, an intelligent compilation stage partitions, optimizes, and transforms the existing signature database for use in multiple engines simultaneously, delivering both the optimum performance and complete signature support.

                              Performance  platform    Packet  Memory
Signature         Packets/Sec  per Core   Performance  Size   Footprint
(Patterns)           (PPS)      (Gbps)      (Gbps)    (Bytes)   (MB)
                  =========== =========== =========== ======= =========
CLAM                2,717,000        1.33       10.64      64        70
                  =========== =========== =========== ======= =========
CLAM                  518,000        2.05        16.4     512        70
                  =========== =========== =========== ======= =========
CLAM                  207,000        2.37       18.96    1500        70
                  =========== =========== =========== ======= =========
SNORT(R) HTTP       5,323,000         2.6        20.8      64        14
                  =========== =========== =========== ======= =========
SNORT(R) HTTP         895,700         3.5          28     512        14
                  =========== =========== =========== ======= =========
SNORT(R) HTTP         315,900        3.61       28.88    1500        14
                  =========== =========== =========== ======= =========

HyperScan scales linearly and, in some cases, super-linearly with the number of CPU cores, to provide a deep content inspection solution that leverages cache memory to scan millions of patterns simultaneously up to speeds of 29Gbps. With HyperScan being a 100% software solution, its high performance, scalability and flexibility directly translate into substantial gains in packet processing intelligence, price/performance and time-to-market advantage for networking and security platforms.

"Our HyperScan algorithms are several steps beyond DFA and NFA implementations typically used in the industry for pattern matching," said Darren Williams, CEO for Sensory Networks. "Using our advanced engines and an intimate knowledge of modern CPU architectures, HyperScan delivers throughput performance that is not only scalable, but also solves our customer's performance bottlenecks."

For ease of integration and portability, HyperScan is designed as a user-land library is written in standard C/C++ language. The software product is supplied with a suite of supporting tools, documentation including sample applications, manuals, case examples, and provides an interface that is identical to the industry open-source libPCRE interface.

Interested parties should contact Sensory Networks for a product evaluation and demonstration.

About Sensory Networks

Sensory Networks is a provider of software pattern matching and acceleration software solutions that enable networking and security equipment vendors to significantly improve the packet processing intelligence and price/performance of their platforms that support resource intensive applications such as: Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Antivirus (AV), Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Content Filtering. The Company's HyperScan and FastChannel software libraries, while running on low cost, off the shelf platforms are designed to operate with a wide range of applications, both commercial and open-source, and provide up to 10Gbps throughput performance with the potential to scale to 30Gbps in specific environments. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., Sensory Networks has a regional office in Sydney.

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