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November 03, 2016 15:39 ET

Sensu Launches First Fully Comprehensive Digital Music Platform

New Online Platform Raises Bar in the Music Industry

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - November 03, 2016) - Sensu Music, a full service digital solution for the music industry, today announced the launch of its online platform. Sensu Music is an end-to end solution that facilitates digital management, revenue transactions and more for the music business by offering a robust set of digital tools to help artists, managers, promoters, labels, agents and venues save time, increase revenues, maximize their brand footprints, access real-time big data analytics, and streamline their business processes.

Sensu's innovative and proprietary software provides digital tools for up and coming talent while also catering to established and larger talent by offering a range of features that assist with:

  • Booking -- Sensu's Platform helps assist in the talent booking process by connecting artists and representatives (booking agents, managers, etc.) directly to venues and promoters for real show opportunities. Sensu's booking process also lets venues, managers and agents know where the respective artist should be performing and when it would be most effective. Sensu provides a workflow in digital booking that creates transparency to eliminate any wasted time when determining if an event is possible or not.
  • Touring -- Sensu's Touring Feature analyzes an artist's popularity in different markets, informing artists and their team where they'll have the most draw and exposure. Sensu then recommends locations that an artist would perform best at to drive optimal revenue.
  • Management -- Sensu's Management Tools integrate with existing platforms to manage and track an artist's digital brand activation, allowing users to make more informed decisions when it comes to their business.
  • Analytics -- Sensu captures big data and analytics to help one understand their market share and the statistics from 3rd party services such as social media, digital music and others. Each Sensu Music Artist and Venue profile incorporates the gathering of over 100 different data points. Sensu Music's unique algorithm analyzes that data and presents it as an Artist or Venue Score, which defines the geo-specific market value of the respective user. This then is used to provide better recommendations.

"Our goal is to provide local musicians a digital platform to gain national exposure while offering the business side of the industry a more seamless way to manage, gain intel and drive additional revenues into their establishments," said Gabe Bialkowski, CEO and founder for Sensu Music. "Sensu understands that while technology increases efficiency it also helps artists understand their business more visually and easily."

Sensu Music's Fan-based platform will be launched this Winter which will allow the fans to engage share and follow their favorite artists, festivals, venues, etc.

About Sensu Music:

Sensu Music is a Los Angeles based digital software solution that facilitates authentic interactions between Music Professionals by implementing data-driven business tools that support accessibility for individuals at all levels of the music industry. For more information on Sensu Music, please visit

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