SOURCE: Christian Lives Matter

March 17, 2015 13:23 ET

Sentenced to Die for Being a Christian: Christian Lives Matter, LLC to Make a Film on Meriam Ibrahim

GRAND RAPIDS, MI--(Marketwired - Mar 17, 2015) - Christian Lives Matter, LLC, a faith/family film company, is in pre-production for the feature film "I AM A CHRISTIAN." This is the powerful true story of Meriam Ibrahim and the people here in America who worked tirelessly to rescue her.

In May of 2014, Meriam was sentenced to death under Sharia Law for the "crime" of being a Christian.

Although Meriam was born to a Muslim father, she was a lifelong Christian. She was turned in, by one of her own Muslim family members, to the Sudanese authorities for the crime of apostasy. Apostasy is the crime of leaving the religion of Islam. This "crime" of being a Christian is punishable by death.

Pregnant, frightened, and alone, Meriam was chained to the floor in a filthy prison. Meriam was forced to give birth while still chained to the prison's floor. She was denied any medical care.

During the course of her captivity Muslim clerics would visit her, giving her a "merciful chance to free herself" by simply renouncing Christ and converting to Islam. She refused, stating repeatedly "I am a Christian." Despite the knowledge that she, and quite possibly her children, would be put to death, she held true to her faith in Jesus.

Christian Lives Matter has assembled an all-star Christian cast for this film:

Stacey Dash - actress and Fox News contributor
Kevin Sorbo - star of God's Not Dead
Rachel Hendrix - star of October Baby
Ben Davies - star of Courageous

Christian Lives Matter, LLC, has decided to raise the film's budget on Indiegogo in order to ensure that this will be made truthfully and without regard for political correctness. Visit the Indigogo site at

40 percent of the film's gross earnings will be donated to Judeo/Christian charities working to fight religious persecution worldwide, and a full 10 percent will go to Meriam and her family to provide life and hope for their future.

"This is a story that must be told." -Cary Solomon, writer of God's Not Dead.

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