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October 13, 2005 07:59 ET

Sentinel Solutions - ''Pushing'' Critical Water Quality Information to Your Desktop

TORONTO--(CCNMatthews - Oct 13, 2005) -

Sentinel Solutions, Inc. (SLNC.PK), a company developing products for monitoring the safety and toxicity of public drinking water, is complementing the Water Sentinel System (WSS) with Server Push Technology (SPT).

"In the world of water quality, waiting for data collection and retrieval is no longer a viable option. The people responsible for safe drinking water need to know what's happening immediately," says Charles Bishop - Chief Technical Officer of Sentinel Solutions Inc. A Water Sentinel System with SPT gives the operator of a public or a private water system the ability see real time measurements on their computer screen through the Internet without having to log in to the WSS. No longer will the operator have to wait to be notified through a pager or cell phone, the WSS will be sending all the data to their desktop in real time.

Water Sentinel

The WSS is a computer based process monitoring system with customized software designed to adhere to monitoring and control requirements. The WSS will monitor and gather water data for Chlorine, pH, turbidity, water temperature, ambient air temperature and water flow rate on small to mid-sized commercial water sites. The system has up to 10 analog inputs and 8 digital inputs/outputs. The system will collect and store data to use for a year end report. The WSS will report out-of-limit measurements directly to a centralized server that in turn would notify a technician on call. The WSS is highly configurable and programmable which will allow adaptation to practically any process.

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