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Quantheta, LLC

October 06, 2015 09:45 ET

SentiQuant™ a New Era of Sophistication in Harnessing Social Media Sentiment as a Tool for Investors

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - October 06, 2015) - Helping investors draw conclusions about the financial markets by harnessing social media sentiment is exploding onto the big data scene. A new level of sophistication in harnessing social media sentiment is being ushered in by Quantheta™ with their new platform SentiQuant. A patent pending web-based financial data analytics platform, SentiQuant leverages the power of social media to offer predictive financial data analytics.

"We're thrilled to announce our sophisticated new technology which not only harnesses the power of social media sentiment but provides investors with informed trading decisions through predictive analytics. The industry has yet to see such a refined predictive engine capable of providing users with predictability based off historical data. We're excited to be able to provide this magnitude of insight and decision-making power," said Patrick Houlihan, CEO/CTO of Quantheta.

SentiQuant offers affordable and comprehensive packages that provide every level of investor, from novice to professional, with the ability to achieve superior performance. The technology extracts market sentiment and delivers information in an efficient and simple representation, allowing investors to better understand the underlying tone of the markets right now. SentiQuant provides intraday traders looking for momentum-based strategies as well as longer-term investors interested in favorable entry and exit points, with actionable insights. The technology allows each to make more informed investment decisions based on predictions derived from a combination of sentiment and market data.

SentiQuant features:

Predictive Analytics:

SentiQuant offers several value-added features for predictive analytics, which suggest future directional stock moves. Unique to this technology is the capability to also present the respective predicted magnitudes of these moves based on historical statistics derived from SentiQuant's proprietary algorithms. Internal simulations show performance well in excess of market returns (Alpha).

Real-time Data Aggregation:

SentiQuant's interactive high-speed graphical financial dashboard provides customizable live social media and news feeds over a universe of more than 7,500 stocks and across industries, sectors, ETFs and currencies. SentiQuant aggregates real-time social media and relevant news together and extracts actionable insights that allow investors to make more informed investment decisions.

Real-Time streaming analytics:

SentiQuant has a distinguishing feature with the ability to filter real-time streaming data. This enables users to have customizable streaming feeds for sentiment and volume, affording them greater opportunity in exploiting intraday trading opportunities.

SentiQuant offers dynamic real-time heat maps that allow investors to quickly assess the overall tone of the market within the interested sector, industry and individual stock level in a concise form. Heat maps are efficient in that they offer a quick high-level summary of sentiment and financial chatter across the market. This allows users to easily sift through the massive amount of financially related social media content, in simple and digestible chunks.

SentiQuant users have access to a powerful graphical user interface for their low-latency data stream. This provides users with real-time readings for normalized sentiment and volume as well as raw sentiment and message volume.

SentiQuant also has multiple application programming interfaces (APIs) where users can process high-speed data streams on their own for intra-day trading strategies.

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About Quantheta

Founded in 2014 Quantheta, consists of a team of industry professionals with extensive expertise in both finance and technology. The Quantheta team has individually worked for large publically traded corporations and likewise run successful enterprises of their own. The team has also worked for early stage startup companies that are now publicly traded and/or have been since acquired. Quantheta's, core competencies include machine learning, applied mathematics, natural language processing, statistics, probability theory, data analytics and system design. Quantheta prides itself on "Delivering Financial Data Analytics to the Masses".

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