Sentry Select Capital Corp.

Sentry Select Capital Corp.

August 26, 2005 10:03 ET

Sentry Select Capital Corp. Announces Launch of Sentry Select Rogers International Commodity Index Principal-Protected Notes

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Aug. 26, 2005) - Sentry Select Capital Corp. is pleased to announce the launch of Sentry Select Rogers International Commodity Index Principal-Protected Notes (the "Notes").

Benchmark Portfolio

Sentry Select Rogers International Commodity Index Principal-Protected Notes are deposit notes, issuable in series by National Bank of Canada. The performance of the Notes is linked to the appreciation of (i) a portfolio of commodities managed by Diapason Commodities Management SA(i) with the objective to replicate the performance of the Rogers International Commodity Index™ (RICI) and (ii) certain fixed income and/or money market instruments (the "Benchmark Portfolio").

Marketing Agent

Sentry Select Capital Corp. is the marketing agent of the Notes.


National Bank of Canada (the "Bank") is the issuer of the Notes.

Investment Manager

Diapason Commodities Management SA(i), a Swiss company, of which Jim Rogers(ii) is founder and principal shareholder.

Payment at Maturity

At maturity, after eight years, investors will be repaid their principal, plus appreciation in the Benchmark Portfolio, if any. The fluctuation of the value of the Benchmark Portfolio will directly impact the return payable. It is therefore possible that no return will be paid.

Terms of the Offering

An investment in the Notes is subject to certain risks. The complete terms of the offering, including a discussion of certain risks relating to an investment in the Notes, are set out in an Information Statement, which can be obtained by investors from their financial advisor.


A weekly secondary market will be maintained by National Bank Financial under normal market conditions to ensure the Notes' liquidity. There is no assurance that a secondary market will develop. Sale of Notes within 24 months of their issue will be subject to an early trading charge.

Annual Income

On each anniversary date of the issuance of the Notes, subject to certain conditions, the investors may be entitled to receive an amount per Note equal to (i) the sum of, for each day of that year, the Canadian overnight financing rate of the Bank of Canada, less 0.50%, divided by 365, multiplied by a specified amount of cash or cash equivalent instruments held in the Benchmark Portfolio for that day, (ii) divided by the number of Notes outstanding. If the value of the Benchmark Portfolio becomes equal to or less than a specified level, no amount will be paid to the investors on any anniversary date of the Notes.

Issue Price and Minimum Investment

The issue price of the Sentry Select Rogers International Commodity Index Principal-Protected Notes is $100 per note with a minimum investment of $2,000 (20 notes).

Selling Period

Sentry Select Rogers International Commodity Index Principal-Protected Notes are available for sale until October 21, 2005.


The FundSERV code for Sentry Select Rogers International Commodity Index Principal- Protected Notes is SSC 051.

The Marketing Agent

Sentry Select is a wealth management company with gross assets under management in excess of $7 billion.

It is the manager, portfolio manager or administrator of:
- Sentry Select Diversified Income Trust (TSX: SDT.UN);
- Diversified Income Trust II (TSX: DTT.UN);
- Select 50 S-1 Income Trust (TSX: SON.UN);
- Select 50 S-1 Income Trust II (TSX: SDE.UN);
- Pro-Vest Growth & Income Fund (TSX: PRG.UN);
- Sentry Select Focused Growth & Income Trust (TSX: SFG.UN);
- COmmercial and INdustrial Securities Income Trust
- Multi Select Income Trust (TSX: MST.UN, MST.PR.A);
- Alliance Split Income Trust (TSX: ASI.UN, ASI.PR.A);
- Premier Value Income Trust (TSX: PVN.UN);
- Strategic Energy Fund (TSX: SEF.UN);
- MBS Adjustable Rate Income Fund (TSX: MTF.UN);
- Sentry Select MBS Adjustable Rate Income Fund II (TSX: MGS.UN);
- Mortgage-Backed Securities Trust (TSX: MF.UN; TSX: MF.U);
- Sentry Select Blue-Chip Income Trust (TSX: SIT.UN);
- Sentry Select Global Index Income Trust (TSX: SGT.UN);
- CAPVEST Income Corp. (TSX-V: CVS);
- Diversified Preferred Share Trust (TSX: DPS.UN);
- Oil Sands Split Trust (TSX: OST.UN);
- Global DiSCs Trust 2004-1 (TSX: DST.UN);
- Sentry Select Commodities Income Trust (TSX: SSJ.UN);
- Sentry Select Principal-Protected Blue Chip Notes™;
- Three flow-through limited partnerships; and
- Eleven mutual funds that focus on a broad range of sectors
of the economy.

The Notes are not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by James Beeland Rogers or Beeland Interests Inc. (collectively "Beeland"). Beeland makes no representation, condition or warranty, express or implied, nor accepts any responsibility, regarding the accuracy or completeness of the related Information Statement, or the advisability of investing in securities or commodities generally, or in the Notes or in futures particularly.

(i) Diapason Commodities Management SA is a limited partnership and commodity operator whose main mandate is to promote and distribute products designed around the Rogers International Commodity Index™. Founded by Jim Rogers, Diapason is owned (58%) by Jim Rogers (who is not, however, involved in the daily operations of the firm) and the balance by experienced professionals in the fields of asset management, commodity markets, futures and options trading and is managing in excess of 1.1 billion Euros in assets.

(ii) "James Beeland Rogers", "Jim Rogers" and "Rogers International Commodity Index™" are trade-marks and service marks of Beeland Interests Inc. "Rogers International Commodity Index™" has been licensed to the Bank on a non-exclusive basis in connection with the issuance of the Notes.

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