SOURCE: Senzari


February 11, 2015 09:00 ET

Senzari Debuts MovieGraph, Expands Entertainment Graph Services at DEW Expo

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 11, 2015) - Senzari (, the leader in music intelligence powered by innovative graph computing and machine learning techniques, today announced the expansion of its entertainment graph services with the debut of MovieGraph. Launching in March 2015, MovieGraph will leverage Senzari's proven approach to connecting and extracting knowledge from large datasets to provide more affordable and customized search and recommendation services for TV and movie content -- delivering unparalleled insights to anyone with access to its API.

The announcement marks Senzari's expansion into the TV and movie industry from its deep roots in the semantic music space. Its first product, MusicGraph (, is regarded as one of the industry's best-kept secrets as the most comprehensive independent provider of music data and intelligence at scale. MusicGraph mines more than 7 billion data properties to enable clients, ranging from record labels to streaming services, to better understand their catalogs and consumer behavior -- powering song recommendation, graph search services and complex graph analytics.

"Senzari is dedicated to bringing much-needed transparency and flexibility to the film intelligence space," said Bill Hajjar, CEO of Senzari, "as we've done for music by optimizing how big data is used and analyzed today. Recommendation engines built just five years ago are prehistoric in ability given how many new data sets have been generated by a proliferation of sensors in the mobile movement alone. What a viewer likes should be determined by much more than just a genre or favorite actor. What about common soundtracks? Which device is she using, and is she viewing alone or with her family? MovieGraph makes it easy and cost-effective to build a recommendation experience that reacts in real-time to the user's feedback and context, providing a more dynamic experience."

MovieGraph uses many techniques already perfected for MusicGraph to develop detailed semantic graphs around video content, accurately connecting every TV show or movie's directors, writers and actors to all publicly available information including reviews, news articles and metric data, i.e. social media stats and box office performance. In addition to offering proprietary narrative features such as setting, conflict, symbols or tones present in a film, MovieGraph can perform powerful graph search queries not easily achieved by an average recommendation engine. For example, "In the past five years, what movies have won Oscars with a female lead character and also have been liked by my friends on Facebook?"

Additionally, MovieGraph enables clients to seamlessly introduce deep personalization into their existing services. By leveraging MovieGraph's unique graph API, clients can easily create user profiles, enhance their ontology with proprietary datasets, and even track the type of device used and location for a more contextual recommendation service to perform deeper analytics. The platform also works in tandem with MusicGraph to leverage the connection between video and musical works, not only enriching its recommendation dimensions, but also providing valuable intelligence to content creators so they may better determine which musical content is most appropriate for their work.

Demian Bellumio, Senzari COO, credits Senzari's experience in music services as the catalyst to build a better partner for the film industry.

"The music industry is hacker-friendly with an enormous developer community," commented Bellumio. "We've become a trusted partner by embracing that 'share-break-build' mentality. Most movie intelligence solutions in the market have a restrictive, 'black box' approach, sharing limited data while forcing a complex and costly sales integration process. The MovieGraph demo ( demonstrates that a Netflix-like experience can be created by leveraging our API, allowing for a more personalized experience than that of the market leader, and requiring absolutely no interaction with engineering or sales support."

Experience the MovieGraph demo and meet CEO Bill Hajjar Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at the Senzari / MovieGraph kiosk at the DEW Expo, Los Angeles, Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Los Angeles Room. For more information, visit and