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January 07, 2010 23:55 ET

SEO Moves PPC Management Software Changing Pay Per Click Landscape

SEO Moves, Inc., a Prominent International Internet Marketing Firm, Has Now Expanded to Offer Pay Per Click Management Through an Artificial Intelligent Software That Is More Advanced Than Any on the Market

CLEARWATER, FL--(Marketwire - January 7, 2010) - SEO Moves, Inc. is excited to formally announce their expansion into Pay Per Click management with the incorporation of an exciting software solution. They call it Profit Per Click, because unlike many PPC management approaches, this automated software is entirely based on the cost spent on a conversion or sale, not on the cost for a click. The software uses a linear programming approach along with probability analysis to analyze historic performance and current performance data of paid search marketing campaigns, then develops a smarter campaign based on the predicted target conversion rate that is set. What also sets it apart is that it continually improves the campaign, daily. It continues to monitor multiple data points from clicks and conversions for specific keywords and ads, and adjusts the campaign accordingly. Within about the first 50-100 conversions, the software is well optimized and continues from that point to only get better.

Initially, SEO Moves introduced it privately to their existing SEO clients, and the results were beyond their expectations for 100% of them. The 2 goals of the software were met in every instance:

   1.  Reduce cost per conversion or sale.
   2.  Increase the number of conversions.

Conversion costs are being reduced by an average of 58%, combined with a 67% increase in conversions or sales. In some verticals, conversion costs are being reduced by 70% from their original starting point, while being completely managed by Profit Per Click. CEO John Wieber is excited, saying, "Every click is now profitable. By naming your target conversion rate, the campaign that is generated can only be profitable. The software makes smarter campaigns than a room full of expert manual PPC managers; this software is going to change PPC forever."

Where SEO Moves has traditionally focused on a smaller number of select clients, the Profit Per Click solution can be offered on a mass scale, as it is 100% automated. Potential clients that previously could not get their foot in the door with SEO Moves can now work with them via their PPC management solution.

Already an established SEO firm with a foothold in the US (, the UK (, and Australia/Asia (, SEO Moves now develops their internet marketing finesse to a fuller level, translating to higher profits for all of their clients. J.T. Thomas (, a long term client with SEO Moves, comments: "I was already thrilled with my natural traffic from my work with SEO Moves, but this new PPC software is pushing my traffic over the top. I'm thrilled to be in on this on the ground floor."

Interested users can learn more or even sign up for a free campaign audit at

SEO Moves is an internet marketing firm that specializes in intensive SEO and now PPC management, with an international client roster of established and Fortune 500 companies.

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