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November 03, 2011 10:00 ET

Sequim Chiropractor Announces Pro Adjuster Diagnostic and Treatment Tool

SEQUIM, WA--(Marketwire - Nov 3, 2011) - Sequim Chiropractic Clinic announced the clinic's use of the Pro Adjuster, a specialized chiropractic tool, to identify and treat the underlying cause of back pain. The Pro Adjuster, originally developed by NASA, uses a sensor to evaluate how the spine moves in response to light pressure. Abnormal movement indicates a spinal subluxation. The Pro Adjuster then calculates the exact force necessary to restore alignment and delivers a gentle vibration. The chiropractic clinic uses the Pro Adjuster to diagnose the location of back and neck pain in patients following an auto injury, work injury or personal injury.

Chiropractor Dr. Robert Bean announced that his practice, Sequim Chiropractic Clinic, uses the Pro Adjuster tool to diagnose the underlying cause of back and neck pain.

Originally developed by NASA, the Pro Adjuster contains a small sensor that detects how the spine moves in response to a light force. Abnormal movement indicates the location of a spinal subluxation, a condition in which one or more of the vertebrae in the spine are not properly aligned.

"A misalignment of the musculoskeletal system following an auto injury or other accident can cause chronic neck and back pain," said Dr. Bean. "Precisely detecting the location of a subluxation is essential to ensuring successful treatment. The Pro Adjuster is a revolutionary tool that allows a chiropractor to pinpoint the exact spot, ensuring effective treatment and long-lasting back pain relief and wellness."

NASA originally used the Pro Adjuster to detect flaws in the wings of aircraft and weakness in space shuttle construction. Abnormal motion in response to light pressure indicated a flaw or weakness in the material. This same principle allows the Pro Adjuster to identify subluxations in the human spine.

When used on the human body, the Pro Adjuster applies a light force to a portion of the spine. The Pro Adjuster's sensor measures how the spine responds to this force. This data is fed directly into a computer and plotted on a graph. A bell shaped curve indicates a normal range of movement. Anything other than a bell shaped curve indicates improper joint movement and the location of a subluxation.

"The Pro Adjuster is a gentler, more accurate approach to chiropractics than traditional hands-on treatment," said Dr. Bean. "Not only does the Pro Adjuster identify the subluxation, but it also calculates the precise force necessary to restore alignment and delivers a gentle vibration. There's no need for popping or cracking of the back, twisting the body, or using manual force to adjust the body."

During treatment, a patient sits leaning forward with his back slightly curved. The chiropractor slowly moves the Pro Adjuster down each vertebra in the spine, pausing for a data readout and vibration to the areas in need of treatment.

"When I initially demonstrate the Pro Adjuster, some patients are concerned that the force of treatment will be intense," said Dr. Bean. "In reality, the vibration feels like a patient is being tapped on the shoulder. Because the Pro Adjuster is so precise in its application of force, very little is actually needed. Once patients experience a treatment with the Pro Adjuster, they routinely prefer this over other chiropractic techniques -- it's truly revolutionizing the treatment of auto injury and chronic pain."

Dr. Bean also provides massage therapy and hydrotherapy as complementary treatments to the Pro Adjuster, as well as traditional chiropractic adjustments. For more information or to schedule an appointment please visit their website,

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