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November 14, 2013 02:09 ET

Serica Energy plc - Holding(s) in Company

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Nov 14, 2013) - Serica Energy plc (TSX: SQZ)

For filings with the FSA include the annex

For filings with issuer exclude the annex


1. Identity of the issuer or the underlying issuer            Serica
of existing shares to which voting rights are                 Energy
attached: ii                                                  Plc

2 Reason for the notification (please tick the appropriate box or

An acquisition or disposal of voting rights                    X

An acquisition or disposal of qualifying financial instruments
which may result in the acquisition of shares already issued
to which voting rights are attached

An acquisition or disposal of instruments with similar
economic effect to qualifying financial instruments

An event changing the breakdown of voting rights

Other (please specify):

3. Full name of person(s) subject to the                    FIL
notification obligation: iii                                Limited

4. Full name of shareholder(s)                              Section 9
(if different from 3.):iv

5. Date of the transaction and date on                      01
which the threshold is crossed or                           November
reached: v                                                  2013

6. Date on which issuer notified:                           November

7. Threshold(s) that is/are crossed or                      11%
reached: vi, vii

8. Notified details:

A: Voting rights attached to shares viii, ix

Class/type     Situation previous
of shares      to the triggering

if possible    Number of   Number of
using ISIN     Shares      Voting Rights

GB00B0CY5V57   20,477,248   20,477,248

Resulting situation after the triggering transaction

Number of     Number of voting        %of voting rights
Shares        rights

Indirect      Direct    Indirect      Direct     Indirect

19,847,248              19,847,248               10.85

B: Qualifying Financial Instruments

Resulting situation after the triggering transaction

Type of financial   Expiration date xiii    Exercise/Conversion
instrument                                  Period xiv

Number of voting rights that may be         % of voting rights
acquired if the instrument is excercised/

C: Financial Instruments with similar economic effect to Qualifying
Financial Instruments xv, xvi

Resulting situation after the triggering transaction

Type of financial   Exercise   Expiration   Excercise/Conversion
instrument          price      date xvii    period

Number of voting          % of voting rights xix,xx
instrument refers to

                          Nominal       Delta

Total (A+B+C)

Number of voting rights                    Percentage of voting rights

19,847,248                                 10.85

9. Chain of controlled undertakings through which the voting rights and
/or the financial instruments are effectively held, if applicable: xxi

Sum of Factored Shares Held

Custodian          Advisor                                         TOTAL
                   FILUK-FIL INVESTMENT SERVICES              17,210,441
Grand Total                                                   19,847,248

Proxy Voting:

10. Name of the proxy holder:                           FIL Limited

11. Number of voting rights proxy holder will           630,000
acquire to hold:

12. Date on which proxy holder will acquire to hold     01 November 2013
voting rights:

13. Additional information:                   None

14. Contact name:                             Nevelina Rousseva

15. Contact telephone number:         ,
                                              01737 837216

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