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December 17, 2013 08:00 ET

SERUS Launches Supplier Network-First Solution to Enable Seamless Collaboration Between Brand Owners and Their Outsourced Manufacturing Partners

Extends SERUS' Rich Supplier Network Solution

SANTA CLARA, CA --(Marketwired - December 17, 2013) - SERUS, a leader in extended supply chain management for high-tech companies, today launched the SERUS Supplier Network ( Based on the success of SERUS' powerful solution for brand owners needing precision management of their extended supply chain, SERUS is enhancing and launching a public version of the network to provide brand owners with a secure and structured way of connecting and collaborating with their manufacturing service providers and other suppliers. This will provide brand owners and all supply partners -- regardless of their levels of IT sophistication -- with a cloud based solution to track work and resolve problems in real time and to identify, contact and negotiate with potential new suppliers, using state of the art structured and unstructured collaboration capabilities. The end result will improve performance of all network partners through more timely, accurate sharing of information.

"The management and coordination of unstructured collaboration across enterprise boundaries is one of the biggest challenges in today's supply chains," said Rohit Thukral, Sr. Vice President, Products and Engineering. "SERUS built this solution by looking closely at how our customers were using our software and where their networks experienced shortfalls in communication. By delivering multiple approaches to sharing documents, plans and conversations, our brand partners have all witnessed immediate and significant improvements in connecting with manufacturing service providers and are experiencing the efficiencies of a truly collaborative business environment."

Whether on-boarding new manufacturing service providers or intervening in operational challenges during production, delays in communication have a dramatic impact on business. Companies today waste hundreds of millions of dollars each year chasing real time information, executing last minute fixes when supply situations fall short, or adjusting schedules and customer expectations when no workaround is available for a disruption. Despite the availability of sophisticated solutions, many supply partners for the high tech and semiconductor industries are located in far-flung areas of the world and do not have the IT and communication infrastructures necessary to leverage today's modern solutions. SERUS has transformed and revolutionize this process by offering different technology options for communicating with the supply base.


SERUS Supplier Network delivers capabilities in three areas:

  • Connect - The new Business Connect capabilities powers relationship-building activities in a social network style. Suppliers use this to build and curate their own business information web pages to market their most updated and specialized capabilities, enabling brand owners to explore potential supply partners, ask questions, and submit Request for Quotes (RFQs) all in a single system. Once partners are selected, only SERUS provides the fastest, most efficient partner on-boarding by delivering three methods of bringing partner data into a network: via structured file transfer, unstructured transfer, and manual data upload. This enables all key suppliers to connect to brand owners, facilitating sharing of schedules, plans and real time information regardless of their level of IT sophistication.
  • Collaborate - In addition to sharing data operational in real time, SERUS also tracks actual conversations and discussion forums through a single portal -- or social network -- rather than scattering these 'chats' over email and phone interactions. In this way, SERUS is providing a searchable audit trail of "who, what, when, and why" integrated with the real time operational data. This approach also enables networks to access a complete knowledge base that can be mined and used to improve future interactions. Because SERUS provides private virtual chat room, brand owners and suppliers have authority to determine security and privacy for conversation threads and shared data.
  • Act - brand owners and suppliers use SERUS to leverage planning and detailed, real-time operational data to sense and detect potential issues, averting problems when possible, and quickly implementing workarounds when necessary. And by enabling brand owners to visualize partners and their activity in the context of a global map, organizations can be better prepared to balance a network when political, weather or other events threaten certain geographies.

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SERUS is leading today's high-tech companies to superior performance with precision multi-tiered supply chain management and execution. By orchestrating data and decision making from engineering and operations to finance and procurement and beyond, SERUS informs companies in near real-time when disruptive changes occur that will impact output, inventory, costs and ultimately customer satisfaction. From a spike in demand to engineering change propagation or a supplier interruption, SERUS monitors all supply chain progress on a granular level, enabling all partners to discover detailed causes and make recommendations for solving problems. SERUS customers are able to adapt on the fly and therefore enjoy deliver better outcomes through improved managerial judgment and collaborative performance between all parties. For high-tech companies whose survival depends on complex and outsourced supply chains, SERUS' cloud-based monitoring and adept analysis is the standard bearer. Customers like AMD, Oracle, Juniper, Flextronics, Nvidia, Cypress, Qualcomm/Atheros and IDT have benefitted from enhancements, such as 8-15% reduction in inventory, 10-20% reduction in excess and obsolescence charges and 8-15% increase in operational productivity thanks to SERUS' supply chain orchestration. Learn more at

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