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July 14, 2008 07:00 ET

Servoy Launches New Eclipse-Based Servoy 4.0 -- One Code Base for Desktop AND Web

Latest Version Receives Leading Media, Analyst and Customer Endorsement

THOUSAND OAKS, CA--(Marketwire - July 14, 2008) - Servoy Inc., a leader in SaaS/PaaS development, today introduced Servoy 4.0 -- one code base for desktop AND Web applications. Servoy 4.0 -- now an Eclipse plug-in -- is a major upgrade from all previous versions of Servoy, enabling Servoy developers to produce even better, more powerful enterprise-level applications using a standards-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Eclipse is the industry standard IDE building and testing software applications.

"Servoy 4.0 is all about productivity and connectivity," said Bob Cusick, managing director of Servoy USA. "Servoy's professional development and deployment environment enables ISVs and companies to build rich SaaS business applications that can be deployed to the desktop, browser and over the internet -- with a single code base."

Servoy is a cross-platform application development and deployment environment used to create and deploy applications. Servoy consists of a powerful GUI designer, is fully event-driven and scriptable through JavaScript to help build and deploy applications much faster than traditional development environments.

PaaS is the Future

According to Ray Valdes, Research Director, Gartner in "Management Update: Rich Internet Applications Are the Next Evolution of the Web":

"Modern business-to-business and business-to-consumer IT demands dictate the need for immediate access to real-time information and processes in a manner that has truly revolutionized business models across numerous markets. The traditional Web model has extraordinary reach, but lacks the rich user experience needed in many application categories ranging from business intelligence to customer relationship management to e-retail and more. A solution is required that benefits from the best of both of these worlds."

Today over 100,000 companies and more than 20,000 developers are working with the Servoy product suite. Companies like Symantec, Stanford University, Wells Fargo, Verizon and UCLA hospital rely on Servoy for managing data and presenting it to their customers and employees through rich applications over the LAN, WAN and Internet connections. They have successfully used Servoy to transition their products to SaaS -- on time and on budget.

eWEEK Review

Recently, in an eWEEK review (July 1, 2008), Servoy 4.0 received high marks: "For those tired of maintaining separate code bases for Web and desktop applications, Servoy offers a way to consolidate those code bases and cut development time in half," and "... most anything can be accomplished with Servoy." The reviewer concluded, "Developers will find that Servoy does live up to its promises of code free application generation that can be deployed in a number of ways and will find the product a powerful ally for creating custom applications for both internal and external use."

Servoy 4.0 New Features

Servoy 4.0 has many new and greatly enhanced features and functionality, including:

-- Eclipse plug-in
   Servoy 4.0 is now an Eclipse plug-in. Eclipse -- an open source, free,
   extensible development framework -- is THE most widely-used industry
   standard IDE (interface Design Environment) for building Java
   applications, Web applications and more.

-- Form inheritance
   In Servoy 4.0, a Servoy form can be inherited from another parent form
   within a solution -- eliminating the need to duplicate forms with
   similar functionality.

-- Form variables
   Servoy 4.0 form variables enable developers to define a variable in the
   context of a form, rather than having to define multiple
   application-wide "global variables" -- resulting in even more
   efficient/less coding in Servoy methods, streamlining Servoy

-- Live client debugging
   Servoy 4.0 -- as an Eclipse plug-in -- means that developers can have
   very powerful LIVE debugging in both Servoy Smart Client
   (client/server) and Servoy Web Client (via a Web browser).

-- Enhanced scripting environment
   Servoy 4.0 within the Eclipse framework enables developers to set
   custom preferences when creating/editing Servoy methods, such as:
   auto-commenting; auto-indenting of code; automatically adding a
   semi-colon at the end of each line of code; developer-defined code
   coloring; enhanced auto-completion of code; conditional/persistent
   breakpoints in debugging; and much more.

-- Menubar plugin
   In Servoy 4.0, the new built-in Menubar plugin enables developers to
   control all Servoy menus; all window menus; and even create custom
   toolbars in a Servoy solution.

-- Design broadcasting
   With Servoy 4.0, when developers change the design of any form in the
   Servoy 4.0 Form Designer, they can instantly view that change without
   having to exit and relaunch Servoy Smart Client or refresh Servoy

-- Edit multiple objects
   Servoy 4.0 enables developers to easily and quickly edit multiple
   objects at a time including, Servoy forms, Servoy methods, value lists,
   table definitions, etc.

-- Team synchronization
   Servoy 4.0 offers full support for CVS (Concurrent Versions System) and
   SVN (Subversion), the more flexible revision control system and
   successor to CVS -- enabling multiple Servoy developers in any location
   to check in/out objects, create multiple versions, and view the
   differences between solution versions.

Analyst Mention

Servoy has also recently received mention from several leading analysts within the PaaS/SaaS space, including the Yankee Group and Aberdeen.

-- Yankee Group
   "If a business application is for a specific type of user using only one
   type of device in areas where networks aren't available, it isn't an
   Anywhere web application -- and therefore it should be a native mobile
   implementation. Even in this case, some businesses may have their cake
   and eat it too. Servoy's 4GL application development environment can
   support both web-based and native mobile clients from a single code
   base." Source: Yankee Group Research, Inc., "Building the Anywhere Web,"
   May 2008

-- Aberdeen Group
   "A recent Aberdeen Group study of 100 companies shows legacy application
   migration costs are at a median of $250,000 US. For smaller companies
   with tight budgets, large enterprises with many applications, and ISVs
   with limited R&D budgets, the key to economic efficiency is migration
   technology efficiency. Servoy's program can help ISVs get and stay on
   today's technology curve without spending a fortune," and "Servoy has a
   better software development mousetrap for quickly building applications
   while still relying on industry standard JAVA, SQL, XML. Where
   programmers productivity is an issue, Servoy shines."

Customer Success

adBlocks is the premier developer of workflow automation solutions for the advertising sales industry. Founded in 1994, its Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution, adSails, maximizes efficiencies and drives incremental revenues for the ad sales operations of some of the largest media companies in the world, including TimeWarner Cable, Comcast Spotlight, and Charter Media. adSails has become a solution for over 60% of the cable industry and is now used to sell outdoor, internet, magazine, and digital media advertising.

Using Servoy, a team of five adBlocks developers reengineered in less than nine months much of what had been done over a decade of continuous programming. "There is simply no way we could have done this without Servoy," according to adBlocks' president, Michael Phelps. "In fact, Servoy turned out to be a more rapid and powerful development platform than I had imagined." Added COO Jon Safford, "We were really struggling to deliver the larger deployments that our marketplace increasingly demands. Now, we have a truly scalable solution."

Community Edition

With the release of 4.0, Servoy now offers a free Community Edition. A free developer's license and 5 concurrent user licenses make it easy for developers to try the product in a fully unlocked manner. "The spirit behind our community edition is to allow developers to create demos, proof-of-concepts and show the power of Servoy," said Brenda Duncan, marketing director. "It's also meant to allow non-profit agencies, education and government the means to write applications that will be used by less than 5 people -- without having to pay the $2,600+ that the community edition would cost full retail."

About Servoy

Servoy BV is an international firm that creates a powerful hybrid (SaaS and on premises) development and deployment platform used by independent software vendors (ISVs), businesses and consultants in over 50 countries.

Features of Servoy include Eclipse, AJAX, HTTP tunneling and secure-by-default security features. With one-code base, ISVs can deploy to the Web or on premises, Smart Client and/or browser on any platform that supports Java -- as well as to any SQL database. It is the logical choice for all ISVs.

For more information visit: or for ServoyWorld 2008, Servoy's fourth annual, international conference for developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Sept. 2-5, 2008 in Las Vegas.

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