June 10, 2008 12:45 ET

SevOne Releases the Industry's Most Scalable Performance Management Solution -- Surpassing Legacy Competitors

New Offering Built on Open Web-Services API, Web 2.0 GUI and Peer-to-Peer Clustering Lowers Costs, Assures Scalability and Offers By-the-Second Polling

NEWARK, DE--(Marketwire - June 10, 2008) - SevOne, Inc., an innovator in network and application performance management tools and solutions, today announced its flagship offering: SevOne Performance Appliance Solution (PAS). The new appliance provides a clear alternative to legacy performance management offerings by significantly lowering product costs, increasing reporting speed and scaling to encompass millions of network elements and compressing customization projects into days vs. months or longer. The secret behind their success is a revolutionary peer-2-peer distributed architecture.

According to Jeff Gill, senior director of Network Surveillance for Comcast, SevOne provides him and his staff with unprecedented tactical remediation capabilities at national, regional and local levels.

"SevOne represents one of the first tools we've implemented that allows access of network and application performance data collected at the national level to be redistributed to our regional and local technical support organizations, literally shifting the model of proactive investigation and remediation down into the hands of the support personnel that work in a specific region or neighborhood. As a result SevOne not only polls performance data in real-time for support personnel throughout our organization, but also produces a common platform for communication."

Introducing SevOne Performance Management Appliance

SevOne is a comprehensive application and network performance monitoring appliance providing network managers with the real-time information they need to keep today's dynamic networks and applications functioning at peak capacity. The new appliance utilizes three basic technologies to provide elegant data collection:

1.  SNMP - Allows any MIB variable to be tracked by SevOne, for data
    analyzing and tracking performance indicators.

2.  Flow-based technologies (NetFlow, SFlow, IPFIX) - Empowers users to
    track application utilization & performance, investigate traffic
    patterns, and drill down to individual conversations.

3.  IP SLA (Cisco) - Using Cisco's IP SLA technology, SevOne can create
    and graph synthetic, active measurements of end-to-end network
    performance between any two points in the network providing a
    validation of performance (latency, jitter, packet loss, throughput,
    etc.) independent of devices that transmit network traffic. Many
    other plugins are included such as synthetic HTTP and DNS transactions.
    SevOne's flexible architecture allows for easy functionality expansion.

Other product differentiators include:

--  Single View - Real-time information and status of any network element.
--  Distributed Peer-to-Peer Architecture - Enables faster data
    collection, enhanced scalability and improved performance.
--  Open APIs (SOAP) - Enables IT to quickly and easily import third-party
    data into the SevOne appliance.
--  End-to-End Visibility - Distributed Peer-to-Peer (P2P) architecture
    enables administrators to log into any SevOne appliance and retrieve data
    from across the entire IT infrastructure.
--  By-the-Second Polling - "Micro polling" provides visibility down to 1
    second which is critical for enterprises and telcos managing consumer-based
--  Extensive Storage capacity - Each SevOne appliance stores 1 year of
    detailed data (no roll-ups).
--  Rapid Customization - Feature customization occurs in days versus
    months as is the case with most legacy frameworks.

The combination of the three technologies and unique differentiators yields unprecedented visibility into the IT infrastructure. Jay Scott, performance engineer at Alere, underscores this value, "With SevOne's Quick Status View, administrators can jump on the system and if they're questioning the health of a particular server, all they have to do is type in the device to get CPU utilization, memory driver, traffic patterns and other reports. From there it's pretty much point-and-click on what you want to look at or drill down on. With legacy solutions, we would have to run one report, and if that report didn't give us what we needed, we would run several others until our desired information was found. With SevOne, it's a couple of clicks and we have complete views."

Michael Phelan, SevOne's CEO, had this to say about the network performance management challenges that enterprises and telecommunications companies face today: "Unfortunately, many companies don't know where their network and application performance problems are hiding and are severely limited in their ability to measure and track system performance. Legacy performance management systems fail to scale because of high cost and because their distributed architecture is based around hierarchical models and not on modern Peer-2-Peer and grid concepts. Thus they lack the scalability to meet the demands of SOA-based applications where more real-time awareness is needed."

Noted author and industry analyst Dr. Jim Metzler, Ashton, Metzler and Associates, agrees with Phelan's assessment: "IT personnel typically do not notice application degradation before the end-user and they do not have the resources to manage all their applications 100 percent of the time -- the impact is that IT loses credibility. These problems will be exacerbated further as companies move toward virtualization, SOA and Web 2.0. Enterprise and telco IT must take these problems seriously -- all that really matters is the performance of applications."

SevOne will be unveiling their new appliance at Cisco Live, June 22-26, at Booth #103 in Orlando, Fla.

Pricing and Availability

SevOne Performance Appliance is currently shipping with pricing that starts under $25,000 U.S.

For additional insight into application performance management and its associated challenges, please view SevOne's most recent white paper: The Business Case for Performance Transparency

About SevOne

SevOne, Inc. is a network performance management company dedicated to providing next-generation tools and services that enable enterprises to keep increasingly complex networks and applications functioning at peak performance levels. Based on a scalable and flexible modern software architecture incorporating open web-services API, Web 2.0 GUI and peer-to-peer clustering, the SevOne solution provides managers, architects and engineers with the most accurate and timely data available to ensure enterprise-wise network performance and reliability. For more information please visit or call 302-368-5650.

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