October 21, 2008 12:20 ET

SezWho Announces New Release With Enhanced Performance and User Interface Integration; Partnership With Instablogs

Company Integrates BlogCatalog Feeds and New Universal Profile Template Options for WordPress 2.2 and phpBB Users

LOS ALTOS, CA--(Marketwire - October 21, 2008) - SezWho, a universal profile and reputation service for the social web, today announced feed incorporation for BlogCatalog, new customization features for Universal Profiles, and a partnership with blog network Instablogs. Unlike comment replacement services, SezWho does not manage comments. Instead, the service provides universal user profiles, which improve user engagement and user-based content discovery, thereby increasing site traffic.

Partnering with Instablogs, SezWho will bring reputation management and universal profiles and content to readers, connecting personal brands and expertise from across the social Web into one online portfolio. Instablogs' readers can now rate posts and user-generated content on Instablogs and across other SezWho-enabled social media sites, including blogs, discussion forums, and bulletin boards.

SezWho's sophisticated reputation engine tracks the ratings of participants across conversations and displays that activity in the participants' universal profile. This will help Instablogs' readers find relevant content more quickly and improve the visibility of the network's citizen journalists.

"SezWho brings something for everyone who is part of our global network," said Instablogs CEO Ankit Maheshwari. "For our readers, SezWho makes finding fresh, relevant content fast and easy; for our citizen journalists, SezWho helps build their reputations based on the opinions of their readers; and for our network, SezWho brings new visitors from relevant conversations happening elsewhere on the social web."

Unlike comment replacement systems, SezWho augments conversations rather than storing content. Data and content reside on the host site, while users can access their universal profiles across all SezWho-enabled social media sites.

New SezWho functionality includes four new universal profile templates, including support for popular threaded discussion formats. Additional features include: support for local CSS and JavaScript, Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down ratings for posts, configurable pop-ups, improved support for filtering, support for multiple WordPress installations in a single database, and easier-than-ever upgrades.

SezWho currently tracks 4 million conversations across 1 million user profiles and 14,000 sites. Instablogs journalists operate in different countries around the world, including the United States, Egypt, Brazil, and China.

About SezWho

SezWho ( is a universal profile service for the social web that engages communities and enables content discovery. SezWho's sophisticated reputation engine informs and improves conversation across distributed social spaces, including blogs, forums, social networks, wikis, and any site with collaborative content. SezWho encourages a more engaged community by inspiring commenters to leave more insightful comments, as well as having readers vote on the feedback of others.

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Instablogs ( is a leading technology firm at the forefront of citizen journalism. With bloggers, citizen journalists and other information sources challenging and complementing normal media channels, Instablogs has evolved to become a responsible social news site by adopting a collaborative news model structured around a conversational model. Featuring inspired citizen opinions from all over the world, the Instablogs blog network publishes thousands of articles every day covering almost every country across its 10 niche channels.

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