July 15, 2008 12:30 ET

SezWho and Entrecard Form Partnership to Reward Bloggers for Participation and Reputation

Highly Rated SezWho Commenters in Entrecard Network to Receive Credits for Advertising

LOS ALTOS, CA--(Marketwire - July 15, 2008) - SezWho (, a universal profile service for the social web, and Entrecard (, a blogger-to-blogger widget advertising network, have formed a partnership that allows members to earn advertising dollars for their best comments. The partnership rewards bloggers whose SezWho comments receive high ratings of 4 or more stars with Entrecard credits that can be spent on banner advertisements on any of the 14,000+ blogs in the Entrecard network.

With information overload and thinning attention spans, fewer people are taking time to comment on blog posts, even when they would like to say something. SezWho motivates users by helping them build their reputations and subject matter expertise across social media sites. Entrecard's advertising credits are designed to reward active participation within the community.

"The partnership between SezWho and Entrecard reflects the convergence of reputation and reward in social media," said Jitendra Gupta, founder and CEO of SezWho. "Blog readers are looking for high quality content, and contributors are looking for their expertise to be rewarded. By helping bloggers build their reputations organically -- in a way that lets the community decide who the experts are -- SezWho opens the door to various forms of reward and monetization."

SezWho connects conversations across social media through universal user profiles. Unlike comment replacement systems, SezWho augments conversations rather than replacing blog comments. With SezWho, posts and comments can be ranked across blogs, forums, and other social media. Data and content reside within the community, while users can access their universal profiles across social media sites.

Entrecard is a virtual economy for bloggers. The Entrecard Widget allows members to purchase advertising on any blog in the network via the Entrecard Widget and pay with Entrecard Credits, their virtual currency.

"Partnering with SezWho furthers Entrecard's mission of helping bloggers achieve success," said Graham Langdon, founder of Entrecard. "SezWho's strength in ratings and reputation will help us reward Entrecard members who take an active role in contributing to the community. With over 80 percent of Entrecard bloggers indicating they would be more satisfied if they received more comments on their posts, we are excited to be working with SezWho to bridge the conversation chasm -- the division between a bloggers' desire to comment and the time and effort required to actually do so."

SezWho currently tracks 2.5 million pieces of content across 600,000 users. Entrecard widget-ads are displayed over three million times each day across the blogosphere.

About SezWho

SezWho ( is a universal profile service for the social web that engages communities and enables content discovery. SezWho's sophisticated reputation engine informs and improves conversation across distributed social spaces, including blogs, forums, social networks, wikis, and any site with collaborative content. SezWho encourages a more engaged community by inspiring commenters to leave more insightful comments, as well as having readers vote on the feedback of others.

About Entrecard

Entrecard ( is a virtual economy for bloggers. The Entrecard Widget allows members to purchase advertising on any blog in the network and pay with Entrecard Credits, their virtual currency. This currency is a token reward, earned when they publish articles, comment on blog posts, and visit other blogs. Entrecard credits can also be used to purchase blogging-related products and services, including hosting, graphic design, and WordPress upgrades.

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