April 17, 2008 13:00 ET

SezWho Expands Open Platform for Engaging Communities; Offers New Developer Toolkit

SezWho 2.0 Adds Support for Blogger, Drupal, Open Source Forum and Bulletin Board Platforms, OpenID, Customizable Templates, and RSS-Based Activity Streams

LOS ALTOS, CA--(Marketwire - April 17, 2008) - SezWho (, the leading provider of content rating and community-based reputation services for the social web, today announced the availability of version 2.0 of the SezWho platform. The new release offers wider reach, allowing users to rate posts as well as comments, and expands its blogging platform support to Google's (beta), Drupal, and WordPress 2.5. In addition to blogs, SezWho users can now engage in social interactions within SezWho-enabled open source phpBB communities, including bulletin boards and forums.

The SezWho service captures valuable information about the history and expertise of individual contributors, encourages more thoughtful commentary, and cultivates community engagement. Community participants use SezWho to rate each other's posts and comments by indicating whether the content was useful or not. This rating is added to cumulative rankings, providing an overall score associated with individual profiles and allowing visitors to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge throughout all SezWho-enabled sites.

SezWho 2.0 features enhanced user interface flexibility, allowing users and site owners to personalize the look of their SezWho-powered discussions with full CSS support and customizable templates. A number of pre-packaged options and support for template modifications help community managers and users achieve a look that complements the community. Cross-platform support for avatars lets users import their existing avatars from such services as Gravatar, further reinforcing their social identities and simplifying the creation of SezWho profiles. Identities can also be URL-based, allowing users to build the reputation and credibility of their own websites.

Furthering its commitment to openness, the company is also offering a Developer Toolkit, which provides a platform for developers to build SezWho plug-ins and adapt them to virtually any platform on the Web. Participating developers receive a coding guide, sample code, and APIs to integrate SezWho within any social media site on any platform Web-wide. In addition to making SezWho APIs public, the SezWho activity stream is now available via RSS for feed readers, enabling anyone to subscribe to and track SezWho-powered conversations. Added support for open user authentication via OpenID simplifies identity management for SezWho users who participate on many types of social media sites, which today include more than 80 million blogs, 20 million discussion boards, and countless wikis and content sharing sites.

"SezWho 2.0 is a response to the valuable feedback of our users and addresses the need for new ways to engage community members through a more flexible, open experience," said SezWho CEO and Founder Jitendra Gupta. "SezWho's new customization options, support for additional conversation platforms, and even more powerful reputation management capabilities transform the way social media conversations take place. Users can now participate seamlessly across several types of social media -- including the most common blogging platforms and phpBB forums and discussion boards -- with a single identity and presence that builds reputation over time."

Added reputation and context features include support for anonymous ratings and authenticated ratings. SezWho 2.0 features new authentication capabilities that improve the overall quality of discussions and enable authenticated users to build credibility and reputation more quickly. Improved analysis of context-based reputations and participation-based scoring enhance the reputation of users who participate with greater frequency. Active SezWho participants can earn credits based on their participation.

About SezWho

SezWho (, launched in June 2007, is a collaborative review and reputation service that informs and improves conversation across distributed social spaces. It supports blogs, forums, social networks, wikis, and any site with collaborative content. SezWho encourages a more engaged community by inspiring commenters to leave more insightful comments, as well as having readers vote on the feedback of others.

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