March 27, 2012 08:00 ET

Sg2 Launches EDGE Analytics

New Online Health Care Analytics Platform Better Aligns Data With an Organization's Needs as They Integrate, Prioritize and Drive Growth and Performance Across the Continuum of Care

SKOKIE, IL--(Marketwire - Mar 27, 2012) - Sg2, a leader in health care intelligence, analytics, education and consulting, today announced the launch of the company's new online analytics platform, EDGE Analytics. The online platform, which is part of the Sg2 EDGE product portfolio, is designed to provide organizations with a comprehensive view of their market, their position in the market, and their performance. EDGE Analytics incorporates Sg2's proprietary 10-year forecast, the Impact of Change®, with an organization's Value Index, which enables clients to assess growth opportunities alongside a measure of the value they are delivering, to develop a Value-Driven Strategy.

Sg2's EDGE Analytics delivers data-driven reports and expert-led resources to improve performance today while creating a strategic achievable plan for the future. By tracking key metrics and benchmarking performance against hospitals in each market, Sg2 analytics identify specific areas of improvement to help mitigate financial risk and enhance clinical integration across the continuum of care. Analytics are based on the Sg2 Systems of CARE™ methodology, which spans inpatient and outpatient settings, and address issues such as physician performance, potentially avoidable admissions, length of stay (LOS) and cost. Core to Sg2 analytics is the Sg2 Value Index, a scoring system that evaluates an organization's clinical performance across all care sites at the enterprise, service line and disease levels.

"Complementing our EDGE education and intelligence, EDGE Analytics have been specifically designed to enable immediate access to inform and accelerate critical decision-making of senior leadership teams as they partner with Sg2 to develop a Value-Driven Strategy," said Stephen Waldon, chief technology officer, Sg2. "The new online platform allows us to better align our analytics with client needs as we help them to integrate, prioritize and drive growth and performance across the continuum of care and be more consistent with their value-driven strategic initiatives."

Sg2 has an Early Adopter Program designed to give select clients early access to new technology before product ship dates. The program enables clients to get involved at much earlier stages, working directly with the people designing and building the product, to see individual features as they are developed and tested.

"I recently received a request from a colleague while I was out of the office asking for an example of a Sg2 report which could show doctor specific LOS analysis for a meeting she was having the following morning," said Pat Cooper, RHIA, director of healthcare improvement, (quality management), Baylor Plano, a member of Sg2's Early Adopter Program. "Reports which normally would have required me to be in the office, I simply pulled from home showing which diseases have the greatest opportunities for improved efficiency and a drill down by doctor for LOS index for the highest reported CARE Family and emailed them to her. Sg2's Edge Analytics has made my life much easier."

Sg2's EDGE Analytics is one part of the company's Value-Driven Strategy, which links a health care organization's growth and performance agendas to deliver value to all stakeholders across the health care continuum. Sg2 believes Value-Driven Strategy will come to life through organization, analytics, processes and new modes of strategic thinking to better enable health care leadership teams to set strategy, make investments, prioritize performance initiatives today and prepare for tomorrow.

The Sg2 EDGE Analytics online platform is currently available. Sg2 will continue to enhance its online analytics throughout 2012, with the release of growth strategy analytics available this summer.

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