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December 22, 2009 09:00 ET

SGN Announces F.A.S.T. 'The New War' Now Available From the App Store

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - December 22, 2009) - SGN, a leader in social mobile gaming, today announced the advanced version of its best selling game F.A.S.T. (Fleet Air Superiority Tactics) 'The New War' for iPhone and iPod touch is available from the App Store. Now enthusiasts can play the ultimate speed-driven, dog fighting game with exhilarating new features, enabling lightning fast multiplayer game-play for free. Users can now download F.A.S.T. for free, and upgrade to a premium version from directly within the game using the In-App Purchase feature.

In response to user demand and feedback, SGN has integrated a variety of enhanced product features that provide a better user experience and interface to entice longer game play, virtual good upgrades and interactivity with friends. These new features include:

--  New Interface.
--  Campaign mode; users can play over 60 new missions.
--  Single-player ranking system; users can rank from Lieutenant to
--  Two new planes available to users: EA-110 Fighter-Bomber and B-520
--  Squadron system; users can form groups with friends and fight other
    people online as a group.
--  Ground targets; users can bomb bases on the ground.
--  Escort and bombing run missions; users can escort bombers so that
    they can bomb targets.
--  New consumable, in-app purchases; users can buy better missiles, more
    flares, more armor for their plane, a G-suit for reduced blackout
    sensitivity and more afterburner fuel.

"We've come a long way in game development and with F.A.S.T. 'The New War' we've accelerated the pace in which new gameplay features are integrated into the user experience," said Shervin Pishever, CEO of SGN. "Gaming on iPhone or iPod touch is a pocket-sized movement that is providing a revolutionary new level of entertainment."

Recently, SGN added some other product enhancements to optimize the F.A.S.T game play experience including a marketplace where users can purchase a variety of new planes, plane upgrades and new war zones. SGN also added a higher flight ceiling, a free-for-all multiplayer mode and the ability to play an opponent again after a match. The game provides an improved multi-player matching system and targeting arrow, and planes' speed is now affected by gravity. Additionally, the game provides smarter enemy AI, improved exercises, a jukebox added to the options menu, pausing and un-pausing gaming options to re-calibrate the accelerometer, and the Top Pilot's list was increased to 100 players.

SGN's F.A.S.T. 'The New War' App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

About F.A.S.T.

F.A.S.T. users can fly white-knuckle, breakneck speed missions with a variety of jet aircraft armed with advanced missiles and mini guns. Battle over WiFi, and now Bluetooth, using multiple weapons such as radar guided and heat seeking missiles, and 20-millimeter mini guns. This game also utilizes accelerometer technology and the innovative Multi-Touch user interface of iPhone and iPod touch to deliver simulated flight through realistic flight controls. Additional features of F.A.S.T. include a 360-degree environment with realistic flight controls and graphically rich airborne combat environment. The "stunt camera" view lets you see the dog fighting action from above. Players fly 30 missions of increasing difficulty, from novice to insane and choose from 10 advanced aircraft including stealth fighters.

About SGN

SGN is the largest developer of social mobile networking games and applications. SGN's current stable of advanced games has led to more than 14 million downloads of its suite of games on the iPhone and iPod Touch. iBowl, the company's most successful game, was also recently named #6 on Apple's Top 20 Apps of All Time list and awarded 24% of the iPhone and application market by ComScore. SGN's games also command more than one million game players per day across multiple social networking platforms including Facebook and MySpace. For more information, please visit

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