SOURCE: Shalva Store

November 14, 2012 06:00 ET

Shalva Store Offers Skincare Tips to Protect Complexion During Fall

Shalva Store Offers Tips to Help Keep Complexions Healthy and Glowing This Fall Season

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 14, 2012) - Each season affects one's complexion in a different way. From the dryness of the winter months to the heat of the height of summer, the elements of the great outdoors can change the health of an individual's skin. To protect their skin, individuals are often encouraged to adjust their beauty routines as the seasons change in an effort to counteract the natural elements that may negatively impact their complexion. As fall begins, the owners of Shalva Store share the following tips, which are based on information featured by

First and foremost, both the professionals at the store and the article encourage individuals to utilize a moisturizer during the cooler months. Most people use a daytime moisturizer year round, but it is recommended that they add a more intensive nighttime cream to their daily skincare routine.

Next, it is important for individuals to continue to utilize sunscreen. Protection against the sun during the hot summer months is a must, but cooling temperatures do not equate to softer ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen is important during every season, no matter how warm or cold the weather may be.

Shalva Store recommends slowly integrating new products into a skincare regimen and consulting with professionals regarding the best choices for a particular skin type or concern. The company explains in a recent press statement: "Changing a skincare routine can be difficult, particularly if you are unsure of what products to add or what items to use together. This is why we offer live demonstrations of our merchandise and provide customers with personal support. We believe that, through the help of our store's trained representatives, customers can determine the best skincare products for their needs. Additionally, we often recommend mixing and matching products to ensure that all of the concerns an individual may have are addressed. For instance, a customer may need extra moisturizer, but may also benefit from exfoliation. Because we offer our items individually, instead of requiring customers to purchase them in sets or collections, we are able to help them slowly evolve their skincare product collection to address the changing needs of their complexion." 


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