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May 31, 2013 09:01 ET

Shaofeng Feng, Represented by Kilin International in the US, Discusses "Wolf Totem" Adaptation Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - May 31, 2013) - Chinese actor Shaofeng Feng is starring in the film WOLF TOTEM, an adaptation of the best-selling novel by Jiang Rong. After more than 60 feature films and TV series in China, Feng, 34, still made extensive preparations for his role, including training and living with wolves, in order to bring the character to life. The film is in production in Inner Mongolia, China and is being directed by acclaimed French director Jean-Jacques Annaud (ENEMY AT THE GATES, THE NAME OF THE ROSE).

The novel "Wolf Totem" was written by Jiang Rong based on his experiences living on the grasslands at Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as an "Educated Youth" in 1967. Like the novel, the film focuses on former city dweller Chen Zhen's attempts to live amongst and learn from Mongolian nomads, Chinese farmers, and the pack of wild wolves he discovers in his new, untamed surroundings. Annaud says: "The story is about a young man starting a new life in a new place, and I had a similar experience as the writer: I was sent from France to Africa when I was a young soldier. Much as I was changed by Africa, the grasslands changed the life of Jiang Rong."

Discussing his experience working with Annaud, Feng (WHITE VENGEANCE, TAI CHI HERO) says: "He is very passionate and sincere, and very serious with his work. Before the movie started shooting, I had horse training and lots of close contact with the wolves to develop a special emotional bond with them. He got hurt by a bear when he shot THE BEAR, and when he shot THE BROTHERS he had himself caged with tigers. He has incredible creativity; his eyes are as deep and strong as the wolves."

Feng's expectations for the film are high: "I believe that WOLF TOTEM will be a stirring and epic movie. It shows how the Mongolian nomads worship their Wolf Totem, and explores the nature of the wolves as well as human nature. I have played many different characters, and am eager to continue to explore the depth and imperfection of life in my work."

WOLF TOTEM stars Shaofeng Feng as Chen Zhen and is directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud.

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