SOURCE: Timeshare Relief Inc. and Lease-To-Own Realty, Inc.

May 14, 2008 09:00 ET

Shaping the Journey Upward: Aston Marketing Group Staircase Project Transforms an Office Visit Into an Uplifting Experience

TORRANCE, CA--(Marketwire - May 14, 2008) - The owners of Timeshare Relief Inc. and Lease-to-Own Realty, Inc., David MacMillan and Cindy Martin, announce a creative and fresh artistic project inspired by their favorite local emerging artist, David A Knudsen (DAK). The first spiral staircase of its kind will be constructed at their Torrance office.

Interpreting the particular energy at the Aston Marketing Group (AMG) office, home to MacMillan & Martin's several companies, was DAK's main objective. "David and Cindy are visionaries with a down-to-earth delivery," says DAK, of the emerging theme of visual functionality. "You can feel movement in the art, and I wanted to impart a feeling of taking the stairs as a 'transcending' experience."

Encountering an open-air, architectural staircase in an office conjures immediate reaction to the space: an invitation to the second level; an opportunity to experience a moment of brilliance in your ascension -- promising a positive experience in the space you're entering.

The eighteen custom-shaped panels of bent glass that line this architectural staircase mimic those within the skyscraper's facades in the imagery embedded within them. It's a sophisticated interplay between the two. Similar to the fascinating views DAK captures when walking between tall contemporary buildings downtown, AMG's visitors will now experience a multi-faceted montage of semi-transparent reflections, different from every angle, and a new perspective on each ascent or decent of the staircase.

In his West LA studio, DAK prints these digital images on his large format Epson printer and transparent film. These giclee prints have longevity of up to 100 years with no fading. The imagery is then laminated into the custom-shaped glass panels by the glass fabricator.

What emerges is a dynamic ambulatory experience unlike any other, finding an immediate energy in a functional art piece as captured by one of LA's emerging artists.

About Aston Marketing Group

David MacMillan and Cindy Martin started their business in 2005, and have since built a family at their offices in Torrance, CA. With their first company, Timeshare Relief Inc., they have helped thousands of uninformed consumers successfully get out of timeshare contracts. They are currently launching Lease-To-Own Realty, Inc., making it possible for millions of renters to lease towards homeownership with no traditional down payment and no closing costs.

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