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June 12, 2009 12:30 ET New Social Networking Site Gives Home Chefs and Everyday Cooks a Place to Share Recipes With Friends and Family

MADISON, WI--(Marketwire - June 12, 2009) - After a successful private beta, Sharecipe is opening its social networking beta site to give the public a new virtual place for friends and family to share recipes and see what each other is cooking! Users can post their recipes, designate their Top 5 favorites, search their friends' recipes by specific category, ingredient search or friend, ask questions of their network and add a Food for Thought -- a simple comment about something food related for their network to see. Co-Founder Katie Colbert, a self-professed 'learning cook,' says, "There are many good recipe sites available where users can find thousands of recipes. For a beginning cook, it can be overwhelming and I often have found that the results are not worth the effort. When I cook recipes that my mom, mother-in-law and friends have cooked and loved, it is almost a sure thing that I will love it too. And Sharecipe gives you the additional benefit of being able to ask them direct questions and feel more connected to them through cooking one of their recipes."

The idea for came to first time entrepreneur Katie shortly after she moved to her native Madison, WI from San Francisco. While Katie was excited to move to Madison, it was heartbreaking to leave the family and friends she had lived near for almost ten years. And with those relationships she would miss the dinner parties and the inevitable request to share recipes after each meal. "We would always have the wonderful meal with our friends and my in-laws and I would be so excited to get the recipes of what was cooked, even though it meant tediously handwriting or emailing the recipe. When we moved, I wanted a way to continue to see what they were cooking because I know and trust their taste. After looking for an easy way to exchange recipes and cooking ideas with only my friends and family, I discovered that nothing existed and that it was something that we wanted to create," said Katie.

Susan Troller, Food Editor of the The Capital Times 77 Square, who wrote in an article on June 7, 2009 ( says, "How do you stay in contact when family members are spread across the globe? And, what's for dinner? Katie and Alex Colbert launched Sharecipe ( last week as a modern answer to both perennial problems." According to Susan, "... Sharecipe is designed as a platform where people can store, manage and share their recipes exclusively with their own friends and family."

Stay at home mom of three, Sherri Kelsey, now has multiple recipes on Sharecipe. "I love the interface and the simple way I can store and share my recipes. Plus, it has been so much fun to see what my friends and family are cooking who live all across the world," says Sherri.

"Sharing mealtime preparation and helping bring busy families together at the dinner table is a value that we want to keep alive with our family," says Katie Colbert.

About Sharecipe

Launched in June 2009 Sharecipe ( is a free recipe sharing platform designed to bring friends and family together to share recipes and cooking tips. One of the oldest traditions between close friends and generations of family is recipe sharing. Whether it is your grandmother's fudge recipe or a friend's salad dressing recipe that you would like to make at home; recipe sharing is a great way to connect with people in your life around food.

Sharecipe is based in Madison, WI and led by Katie Colbert.

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