November 30, 2010 14:17 ET

Shared Spectrum Company Applauds New FCC Proceeding to Facilitate Innovation for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

Changes Designed to Give Consumers More and Faster Wireless Broadband Access

ARLINGTON, VA--(Marketwire - November 30, 2010) - Today in a keynote address at the Wireless Innovation Forum's Technical Conference and Production Exposition in Arlington, VA, Tom Stroup, CEO of Shared Spectrum Company (SSC), will address a new proceeding commenced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This Notice of Inquiry (NOI) will explore how dynamic spectrum access (DSA) can be deployed to promote more intensive and efficient use of wireless spectrum for consumers. Stroup's statement:

"I want to applaud the FCC for its forward-thinking efforts to keep on top of, if not ahead of, new technologies for wireless spectrum, much like it did in its original cognitive radio and secondary markets proceedings several years ago. Today's Notice of Inquiry asks critical questions on how best to improve secondary markets for spectrum. In addition, it seeks details about the state of development of new dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio technologies, including those that use spectrum sensing, databases or other sharing capabilities. These actions demonstrate that the Commission seeks to not just enable, but to promote the successful development and deployment of DSA technology across many bands in order to truly address the impending spectrum shortage."

This NOI is a result of the FCC's National Broadband Plan released in March, in which Recommendation # 5.13 seeks to enable more efficient use of spectrum by increasing opportunities for dynamic spectrum access technologies in different bands, by proposing rules that would facilitate the use of smart radios in spectrum held by the FCC that would otherwise be unused. President Obama issued a memorandum early this year in which he stated, "We can also unlock the value of otherwise underutilized spectrum and open new avenues for spectrum users to derive value through the development of advanced, situation-aware spectrum-sharing technologies." The President's memo directed the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and other government agencies to "facilitate research, development, experimentation, and testing by researchers to explore innovative spectrum-sharing technologies, including those that are secure and resilient."

Founded in 2000, SSC has been leading the development and innovation of mission-critical DSA and spectrum measurement technologies for the U.S. government and military. As consumer demand for more and faster wireless connectivity continues to rise, the company's innovative approach to exploiting unused and underutilized spectrum will enable the deployment of new broadband wireless applications.

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