January 15, 2015 06:00 ET

ShareDesk Announces Public Launch of Optix® to Simplify Workplace Management

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Jan. 15, 2015) - ShareDesk, the largest platform for flexible workspaces announced the release of Optix--a one-stop solution that provides serviced offices, coworking spaces, and flexible office facilities with all the tools necessary to efficiently run a shared office space. Its intuitive interface allows venue managers to be in full control of all the aspects of managing a shared office business, to enhanced user experience for both the venue managers and their members.

Coworking is taking the global marketplace by storm, and at the heart of revolutionizing this new workplace model is ShareDesk. Since 2012, ShareDesk has been successfully connecting tens of thousands of mobile professionals each month to its vast network of 2,400 venues in 70 different countries across the globe. "We are in midst of a major shift in the way people work. The workplace of the future will be designed around the individual, to allow professionals to work from anywhere, anytime." says Kia Rahmani, ShareDesk's on-the-go CEO. "With this shift comes greater flexibility, access to information and improved productivity for both people and spaces."

With the launch of its new in-house application Optix, ShareDesk takes a step towards helping simplify shared space management. If a shared office is likened to a household, then Optix is the trustworthy butler. In a sensible and stewardly fashion, Optix simplifies the logistics of managing a serviced office space to keep venue manager's work headache-free. With features like real-time venue availability and instant booking, Optix simplifies transactions and makes coordinating member activity a breeze. Automated invoicing and payments offer a seamless solution for billing and payments, while a built-in CRM system facilitates tailored services and support functionality to impress clients. Finally, data and analytics reporting on venue usage activities helps venue managers gain the insights needed to strategize and maximize growth opportunities.

"For workspaces with 100 desks, we're looking to improve the utilization by 150-200% to allow more people to use those desks in a given week," posits Rahmani, "and if you're using Outlook or paper-based systems to manage bookings and times that can get messy really fast. That's why we created Optix." ShareDesk believes that Optix will give serviced offices a compelling advantage and allow venue managers to focus on enriching their coworking communities, nurturing collaboration, and expanding their shared space into a more dynamic and productive work environment.

ShareDesk's Optix starts at $100 a month and comes complete with venue management, billing, and analytics features. To learn more about Optix visit

About ShareDesk Optix®

ShareDesk Optix® is workplace management application for serviced offices, coworking spaces, and other shared office facilities. Optix provides a plug-and-play cloud-based system to manage all aspects of running a shared or serviced office venue. From simplified meeting room bookings, to CRM solutions and billing, Optix removes all the pain points and manual work from managing a space. Make managing your space a breeze, and derive more productivity from your meeting rooms and workspaces.

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